Friday, October 24, 2008

I Need A Miracle IT Band Recovery

SIGH. I'm not too happy. My knee has been hurting since Thursday. It didn't hurt after my little 2 mile jaunt, why now??? I've been icing it like MAD. Maybe I'll get a total knee replacement surgery. I could share a room with my good friend TOM BRADY. (watch out Giselle) That'd be worth

It's raining here this morning, so I won't try running until later. Although I love to run in the rain, I won't do it. Why not? Cuz I don't feel like it. I think today will be a cross trainer at the gym instead. Maybe. We'll see.

Be back later, I think we have some chocolate donuts. Those go deelish with a coffee.

1 comment:

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Kim, there's still time. Take it easy on the knee if that's what your body dictates.

No, not "dictates". Suggests. Much better. No one wants to listen to a fascist body.

You'll be ready for your marathon when the time comes, I'm convinced.