Sunday, November 2, 2008

Running With The Devil....

No, not you Mike....LOL...I couldn't resist that one!

The devil is my IT band injury. For the last 3 weeks I've been trying to rest it and let it heal. Every time I tried to run it killed. Last week I got about 20 feet before the devil stopped me in my tracks.

Today was different.

Today I faced off with the devil once again. And I won.

Yep. I ran this morning. Lalalalalala!! I met Mike at the gym. I brought my Garmin to try it out. It's easier than I thought to set up, but I need to figure out how to read it from history. Anyway, we started off slow, at a 13 minute pace. I didn't even feel a twinge and picked up the pace. Mike kept telling me to slow down so I wouldn't get that IT band back in a tizzy. We finally settled into an 10:30 pace. Felt extrememly slow but by mile 1.5, I started feeling achy in the knee. I got so nervous. We walked for a minute, I was worried about starting back up, but we went slow. I was amazed to not feel it getting worse. No tightness at all, just a bit achy. On we went. By mile 2.5, I felt like it was hurting a little more, we walked another minute, started back up slow. I was amazed again that it seemed like it was working itself out.

We ran over the bridge at the firestation and made it to the end of the driveway to the gym. We did our cool down from there. My knee was not hurting at all. I wanted to go back and do some more! Mike just shook his head no. He said it's better to take it easy. He's right and I knew that but I was feeling so fantastic. We did 3.11 miles in 34 minutes. I am pleased.

I was afraid to believe this would ever stop hurting! We sat and talked for a little while. Tried to take our pulses but I don't have one. Seriously. Mike couldn't get mine either and he's an EMT. My blood pressure is usually 90/60 and I don't have very strong knee reflexes either. The chiropractor tried to get my knee reflex and couldn't. Funny thing middle fingers both reflexed when he hit my I wasn't too surprised we couldn't get my pulse.

Well I'm back on the steets of Florida. Watch out Space Coast...HERE I COME!!!!!!!

EDIT Nov 3, 2008: My knee is still fine! I do have that achy feeling I get when I haven't run for a while, but I welcome that!!

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