Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Race Report For Kim

As I type this out, Sherry is conquering MiamiMan Tri...I haven't heard anything from Sherry yet, understandably, but I am anxious. She always does well and I love to hear all the details. As soon as I hear, I'll be posting!!! Keep your skirt on Girlie....LOL...Go Sherry!!!!!!!!

Jim did very well at the senior games. He was competing to qualify for another race and I'm pleased to report HE DID IT! GO JIM!!!!

Mike ran the 5k Satuday (that I missed) and got a new PR: 27:26 which is one second short of MY own PR of 27:25. Kinda It was also his birthday. I reminded him that he's not getting any better...just getting older....LOL

GQ tried out his new sneaks. Got himself a bloody mess on his toe. He traumatized his only offspring by showing it to him....sighhhhhhhhhh...poor little HeisenKidling. Big hugs for Ian!!!!

Friday night at work, my knee was just screaming. It was very busy and I was running around like crazy. That was at 7pm. My boss, John, took one look at me and announced I wouldn't be running any race. That's when I cried. Just a little though. It wasn't so much the 5k I'd be missing, but the fact that I haven't been able to run more than 3 miles since this IT band and I have a halfer in 3 weeks. Blah. Not to mention I wanna use my Garmin for some crazy routed runs!!

I decided if I can't get a decent run in by next weekend, I'm going to cancel the Space Coast Half. There's no point in injuring myself worse and ruining all the other plans I have. I NEED to run The Sarasota Grouper Marathon in February. I will be a very unhappy runner if I can't make that one. My husband assures me that if I need to cancel Space Coast, he'll still show me a good time anyway. Very tempting. But he'd do that anyway!

We've had a little shake up in regards to Phase 2 Endurance Project. Nov to Feb is an extremely busy time for the coaches and we worried about some of our training runs getting sidelined. We're still in negotiations on working this out. There will still be a team, we will be running the Sarasota Grouper Full Marathon in Feb. It'll just be a matter of scheduling conflicts for coaches.

This group will be considerably smaller than Phase 1. I was so shocked to hear people saying NO WAY to the full. I forget how daunting the 26.2 can be. I learned to run with a marathon in mind from the start so it didn't occur to me that it was quite a distance until Jim sat down with me and the map 3 days before that race. That's when I got a "clue" that I was going to be running for awhile. Jim said it was like running from my house up to Sarasota. That's a 40 minute drive. On the highway doing 80 MPH. Yeah. Good And it was. I loved every single minute of that marathon and I want to feel that excitement again. Kinda fitting that it'll be Sarasota Grouper again.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, Kim, sorry about the knee! But kudos to you for making the right, mature decisions regarding it and committing to doing so for future events, too. I know it must break your heart to have to cancel, but it would break your heart more to enter an event, not be able to finish, then find you'd done even more damage to your knee.

Stupid question: Have you seen an MD about the knee yet? Some kind of specialist, maybe. Because if you're having problems with it just in the course of your normal job routine, you should give seeking out specialist advice the thought it deserves.

Best of luck! It seems like forever that you've had this injury but remember it's only been a few weeks and in time, when you're better, you'll look back on this period and wonder why it drove you quite so crazy. (Tho I think everyone understands why it would!)


Girl on Top said...

Hope you feel better!

Sherry said...

Hi Kim!

Oh, gosh! Your poor knee. I know the pain and just when you 'think' it's getting better... it creeps back up on ya. Did you look for a Cho-Pat strap yet? I even took some time during my transition from the bike to the run to strap mine on. I wasn't going to take any chances.

You most defninitely need to play it smart. If the Grouper run is your "A" race and you aren't feeling up to par right now, you really need to consider ditching the Space Coast Half. There is absolutely NO POINT in taking a risk like that. You could sideline yourself for months.

My advice is this... continue to lay off the running for another few weeks. Get in as much cross-training as you can (cycling/spin class and swimming) to help maintain your aerobic base. Consider doing some Aqua Jogging. Remember how Dina was doing this in the "Spirit" movie? Continue to focus on February... you'll beat this ITB deal!

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