Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change Of Plans

I decided to NOT attempt to do The Space Coast Half. It's in 18 days and I can't even get past 4.5 miles without my knee hurting. In all honesty, I could probably put the pain out of my mind and finish the half, but I know I'd just damage the IT band worse. Then I would miss The Sarasota Full in February FOR SURE. I cannot miss that one. Oh, that would not be good.

I pretty much knew it last weekend, but I wasn't ready to give up. It amazes me how important these milestones become. They worm their way into my heart like a stray kitty. Setting them free feels the same too.

On to some news. I don't really know how to swim, I am afraid of deep water. If the deep water happens to be dark...I don't go in at all. I think swimming will help rehab my knee and keep up my cardio base, something my coach has been saying for a year (and Sherry agrees). Unfortunately, we took the solar down for the heat in the pool because of a roof leak, so now my pool is too cold. The Aquatics Director, Bob, happens to be a friend (and fellow Endurance Team mate) and he said he'll teach me to freestyle! I'd like to learn to dive too. I've never, ever dove into water head first! I can't do it, my feet refuse to leave the edge. I'm nervously excited about swimming. I'd LOVE to conquer the fear. If anyone can teach me to swim, it's Bob. He was a STAR in high school and college! I am going to give it a shot!

I know what you're thinking Sherry....LOL. You're right. If I can do the swimming, I'll be willing to attempt a tri. In fact, I feel a sense of excitement when I think about it. It scares the freakin' heck outa me too.

I think my first lesson is next week.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I saw Sherry's advice in the other post and I think it's right on target. Low, low impact is what you need now, so you'll still be exercising, but not risking your knee in the process.

Swimming is easy to pick up. You'll take to it like a fish.

Diving is a trip! You CAN'T go through life - IN FLORIDA! - never having dived into a pool!

Good luck, Kim. You've had to make some tough, unfair choices of late. And you've chosen the smart and right options.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, Kim. I had a feeling the blues would catch up with you over your injury. I'm a good one for telling others not to let things get to them - things I myself would be totally bummed out about if they were happening to me.

So, at the risk of doing that again: What I jokingly said in my post today - that your injury, being merely physical, will get better - really is so. It's hard to look at it that way when you're in the midst of it. So key, for now, on the other things you've got going for you in your life: Your kids, your husband who loves you, your friends. They're the big things, even when you're not injured, right?

Also, it's Thursday (a gray, rainy one in my neck of the wood): Get an early start on the weekend. Kick back with a good, full-bodied brew or 3 tonight.

You'll feel better tomorrow, even if your knee is still a bit sore. It may be. But it'll also be one day closer to recovery.

Been on the road today or I'd've checked in earlier.

Feel better, sister!

KimsRunning said...

Thanks for all the support and mostly for your humor. It honestly does make me feel better. I think once the Nov 30th date is behind me I'll let it go totally. My husband is taking me away that weekend for some fun stuff, I have that to look forward to!

Phase 2 of Endurance Team is almost ready to start too, I L-O-V-E being on the team, meeting for long runs and talking about our progress. That'll be great (if I'm fully healed)

Thanks again!