Friday, November 14, 2008

Part 1 of 2 Of "The Last Of The Pity Party"


My race packet for the Space Coast Marathon is being sent to me. The race coodinator was very nice. She said I couldn't apply this year's fee to next year's race but she's sending my stuff. I feel like we broke up and I'm getting the last of my things mailed to me. I think this is how it would feel, as I've never had a break up quite like this before. Like "Take your cat, but leave my sweater". Sniff, sniff...please pass the tissues Keith Urban.

PART 2 will be posted upon receiving the packet.

I'm going to go color my hair and do my nails. I won't be cleaning the house. My husband will understand, wontcha Bobby????


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You're so much better than Space Coast Marathon! He'll probably end up old, alone, smelly, and with rilly, rilly gross earhair! B@st@rd! He'll be sorry!

Eat some ice cream straight outta the container while wearing your comfiest pjs tonight! Watch a girly dvd!


KimsRunning said...

LOL're like a best friend!! I wish I could just hang home tonight, but I'm leaving for work right now.


I also don't wear
Have an awesome weekend!!!!

Sherry said...

Hi Kim! I'm so sorry that I've been MIA from blogland this past week. Talk about having a pity party... I had a serious one this last week. Broke down crying and everything (and I never do that). I'll attempt to blog about it later.

You made the right decision, Kim. You know that you did.

"Take your cat, but leave my sweater" --> too funny!

I'm excited about your swim lessons. I think you are going to love the pool... and in time, I get another triathlete to drag to race with me! Yee-haw!!!