Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

This week flew by! I didn't even attempt to run at all. I took the entire week off, now I feel like I'll be totally starting over with running. I know muscles have memory but I can only hope mine remember the good times, not the bad. Like my last 5K PR.

I am starting swim lessons next week. I guess I'd better get an appropriate bathing suit for the YMCA! Hahaha!! I'll leave the bikinis at home so the lifegaurds don't go all "crazy" at the sight of a 42 year old woman who's had 4 kids struttin' her stuff at the pool. Not bad I never stuck with the Body For Life diet plan. Then I'd be a hot mamma! Oh well.

Speaking of diets...I'm going for a bagel with butter AND cream cheese. Little bit o'salt too. And my 3rd cup o'coffee. Kinda feel like having a grilled cheese sandwich. I think I finished off my BBQ chips last night after work though. can't have a sandwich without chips. I know it's only 9am. I'm startin' early.

And I wonder why I'm not foxy. Blah.

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Teh 'Bride likes her butter and cream cheese, too. In fact, she considers "grease" one of the food groups. She'll come home and say, "Alison and I went out for grease for lunch today."

I can't eat grease anymore. Cholestrol, you know. O, well. I don't miss it. Not that often, anyroad.

Good luck with the swimming!