Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking Inside My Heart

Ya know what? I'm all done with feeling sad about the Space Coast marathon. It's just one race. I will run it next year and probably do better than I would have this year anyway.

Here are a few positive things about running for me to concentrate on...

The weather is GREAT right now for running.
I have some awesome runner friends.
I have some awesome Blogger friends.
My knee is improving, just slowly.
I'm due for new Asics.
I have a new Garmin.
I got my hydrating issues all figured out and no longer "christen" finish lines.
I managed to shave my 5K, even in this Florida summer heat.
I'm a motivational running coach, LOVE that.
I am healthier than I have ever been in my life.
I have run a marathon, so I know I CAN.

Personally, I am in a happy, loving marriage. All of my kids are happy and healthy. I have a job (3 actually), and I'm wearing my pink New England Patriots hoodie. (Ha)

Can it REALLY get any better than THAT without hitting the lottery???


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

There's the Kim spirit we've been waiting to see re-emerge! Way to put it all in perspective, Kid!


KimsRunning said...

Thanks Glaven!
I feel a lot better mentally, even tho I still haven't run! I think I'm gonna wait until Wed's Runners Club meeting for my big RETURN!....LOL

Thank you for your support, you're a cool Dude!

joyRuN said...

Thanks for stopping by the snot-fest I'm hosting.

Good luck with your knee. That stinks about the Space Coast Marathon, but now you (& your knee) will be stronger for the next race!

Sherry said...

Atta-girl, Kim! Now that's a positive attitude... and you definitely have SO much to be happy for. Can you even believe all that you've done in this last year? You and I aren't even the same people we were last Fall. It's AMAZING!!!!

Hey... I signed up for the Grouper Run. I'll be doing the 1/2 marry... my first 1/2! I'm so excited, Kim! HUGS to you!!!!

Nitmos said...

Sorry about skipping out on the marathon but, fortunately, there is ALWAYS another race somewhere waiting for you. Don't fret. Keep that positive attitude and you'll be toeing the line at another marathon before long. Turn the page.