Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wednesday Is THE Big Day

I'm going to run tomorrow. Instead of the thrill, the excitement, I'm feeling kinda....nervous! I haven't run for 12 days. I have tried to rest the knee and let it heal. I still did my classes, even spin. I should admit my knee felt tender at the last spin class (along with another part of me that should NEVER feel tender) so I kept it a little less ferocious than the others in the class.

Tomorrow I'll just take it easy. Keep a slow pace, do some walk/running. Enjoy the nature and the company. We have a new runner who joined our Running Club. Jim ran with him last week, (I had to go home because I thought I was getting the flu)...(but it wasn't the flu)...(so I missed Runners Club)...(but I wasn't feeling well anyway) ANYWAY...Jim ran with Chris and told me he was doing awesome! Chris is training for his very first half marathon! Just between me and you Blogger-friends...I'd be very curious to see how he feels after running 10 miles. That was the distance I came away from KNOWING I was going to do a full marathon. Out of 15 of the Endurance Project team members, I think Bobby was the only one who got that too. By our 10 mile training run, his wife, Michelle said he was taping the full marathon map of the Sarasota Grouper Marathon to his fridge...LOL..Bobby is going to teach me to dive and swim, incidentally.

I'm so wicked tired. I'll post after running tomorrow.

To all my hurting, injured running friends, please feel better soon. Rest up and be strong for the next run. We need to take care of ourselves so we can do this crazy thing we love so much.


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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, Kim, good luck with the run! Take it easy and STOP when you body says STOP.

I'm coming to terms with what my own injury may mean - missing the Turkey Trot - and I think I'm okay with that, if that turns out to be what i have to do.

I'm trying to get back in touch with why I started running in the first place, which was to get healthy. If I run to the point where I break myself and can't run anymore, I'm kinda defeating the purpose, ain't I?

Amazing what it takes to make you realize certain things.

Thanks for the health and exercise tips. Rest assured, I'm using them.

Take it easy, sister! Remember: Get better FIRST. All the rest will follow.

gqh, out!