Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Cool News!!

Sherry...I will take you up on that fun run VERY soon sister!! Remember my "Smell The Flowers" blog post?? We're gonna smell us some flowers!!! YAY!

I'll see my regular doc Monday...I trust him to point me in the right direction on this. I will definately try a major diet change though. Not until Monday, BUSCH GARDENS tomorrow!!!!

Here's the exciting news:

Last week a group of coaches came into the restaurant I work at. They told me they have a football team that was looking for a running coach to help build their endurance and speed on the field. Would I be interested! I had to tell them I haven't even been running 2 years yet and I'm having some medical issues. I have no certificates or even classes. They asked me a few questions and said they'd really like me to consider this. I was so flattered!!! (still am!!)

They asked me to stop at the field this morning to meet the team. I was expecting 12-14 year olds but this team is all men! Turns out the team is one step away from being PRO! WOW!!! Everyone was very nice, I decided I'm going to do it! It starts in 2 weeks and I will have some plans all printed out for them! I can't wait!!

This opportunity is just what I needed. It won't require me to run on sprint/dashes...I'll be timing them for that. The longest run we'd probably do is 3-5 miles. Even on a bad day I can be there for that!!! Did I mention I love football?? I'm a die hard Patriots fan! This is gonna be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet little punkin was here tonight. Kirstin and Chris went out for dinner and I got to babysit Collin! He just LOVES his Gramma. We already have a very strong bond, Collin and I. Kirstin was a little emotional the other day...when I picked up the baby he smiled the biggest smile ever! Kirstin said he doesn't smile like that for her. She asked if it meant he loves me more. Oh Kirsty...OF COURSE HE DOES! I'm his Gramma! LOL He's 6 weeks old already. It's going so fast!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Regina said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats on the running coach thing! that sounds great. It certainly doesn't hurt either if there's a little eye candy on the team..we old ladies got to take what we can get!

So glad your wee little man is bringing you such joy!

Steven Cohen said...

Wow, how awesome to train pro-wannabes to run! Go get 'em in shape. And go Pats!

joyRuN said...

How awesome! You're gonna make an inspiring, FUN, & fantastic coach :)

Danielle in Iowa said...

Oh he already knows you are going to spoil him far more than she will!

SchoolKidRunna23 said...

That would be so cool to coach a footy team. Good Luck! I also really like your blog!