Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie

I got up earlier than usual, rushed my kiddies out of bed and through breakfast because I thought I was into work at 9am. Got there (on time) to find out I didn't need to be there after all! I also got tonight off from my night job so I could spend Halloween with Bob and the kids, so I am free for the day!

I stopped for a scrumptious iced mocha coffee at BK. WOW, those are yummy. I keep forgetting I can't eat this stuff when I'm not running! I'm gonna be a McFatty Fat Fat-pants before too long at this rate.

My friend Tess is coming over tonight. While Bobby takes the kids around the 'hood, me and Tess'll be having some Smirnoff Ice (Tess) and some Pumpkin Spice Lager (Kim). Every halloween, my husband brings me a plate of cute little things made from cookies and fruit covered in chocolate and look like mice, pumpkins....Halloweenie stuff. Cannolies (spell check can't fix that one) will be on there too, but those are not for sharing. Those are for Kim. I'm gonna lick them all before anyone can grab one. Smart, 'eh??

While I was bringing the groceries in, my dog pushed through the screen door and bolted down the street. Freakin dog! She's a 5 lb chihuahua and lightening fast. I'm a hundred and something lb woman with a bum knee and not so fast anymore. All I could picture was Gracey getting run over and me having to tell the kids. Unless I could find another dog just like her before they got home from school. Something tells me they'd figure it out. So down the street I went. Calling Grace. Which is funny because my neighbor's name is Grace. She was at work though....LOL. I wonder if anyone heard me screaming for Gracey and thinks I was calling for my neighbor.

I did not notice that while I was running down the street, at full speed may I add, that my knee did not hurt. Can you believe that?????? Unfortunately it kinda hurts now, but at least I ran! I was wearing my Vibram 5 Fingers too. Strange. I just got up (I know you can't see me or even know when I walk away from my keyboard, but knee seems ok. It's not hurting. This is freaking me out.

Lemme go put away the groceries and I'll be back to update on my knee.

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Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I don't usually give joint reviews, but your knee is truly weird.

Still, I give it TWO TUMBS UP ... today ...