Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Space Coast Marathon Update

Ok, I tried to run Tuesday morning and it was not a go. I walked 2 miles with Mike and was miserable.

It took some thinking and settling in my head and my heart, but I decided to step back and think about what was really important to me in the long run. No pun intended but I'll take it...

I think if I want to be running when I'm old, like 50, I need to pay attention to my body. Even a year ago I couldn't have dreamed I'd be planning on any running, never mind my 2nd marathon in 8 months, so I need to rejoice in that.


I have changed my registration from full marathon, to the half. I feel surprisingly almost ok with that. My husband and I will still be going away for the weekend without the kidlings, I can still hear Dick Beardsley's speech and if it gets tough running the half I won't have too far to go. I could probably even con someone into giving me a piggy back ride across the finish line.

So that's what's going on over here. I'll be healing for a little while. Make some jewelry. Monogram some towels, no running for at least a week I guess. So you guys write up some good posts to keep me entertained please. I'm still looking forward to Nitmos's "Lust" post. That should be highly entertaining....LOL

Tata for now....


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

This strikes me as the perfect compromise. I think you are showing good judgment not to force something that does not look, the closer it gets, as though it's going to happen. I know this must be disappointing to you, but suppose you forced it, ran the full, and injured yourself so badly that, not only did you fail to finish, you injured yourself so badly you couldn't run at all for months?

Bad as you may feel now, you'd feel way worse if that happened.

Don't wanna be Donnie Downer, here, but I also think you should mentally give yourself permission to drop out of the half if it should come to that. I don't think you'll have to, and I certainly don't wish it, but you should take the long-term view here, and not risk it if doing so would compromise your long-term running ability.

Lastly ... You may want to entertain the notion that Nitmos's last post, on his post-marathon stats, was his lust post! I mean, reading that post, you just wanted to scream, "Hey Nitmos! Why don't you and your stats just get a room!" The only thing that stopped me was the thought that he actually just might! And those stats were so young and innocent. It's amazing how easily trusting stats can be turned into lusting sluts by a sweet-talking marathoner ...

KimsRunning said...

Thanks GQ...I know it's the right decision. Funny thing about what you said about not even doing the half is, I figured in a couple weeks if I need to drop the race entirely it won't be so hard to drop the half instead of the full cold turkey. I'm kinda letting go

As for Nitmos's lust post, when I saw he was playing with his numbers again, I read it through really quickly....not savoringly like I would've if it was the lust post....LOL