Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love My Chiropractor

I went to the chiro this morning. Ahhhhhhh. Got a back end alignment. Oohhhhhh. Got a nice stong electrode thingy on my derriere. Sighhhhhh.

It went well. I feel fantastic. The pressury feeling down my leg is almost gone, the knots in my lower back are gone. I can sit without hurting. I didn't even realize I was in that much pain. I'm icing right now, feels good to be back on track.

So I do have the IT band issue but I have sciatica also. I kinda suspected that. Doc said when the IT band is tight it pulls the tendon from the hip all the way down your leg. My leg anyway. All the way down to my calf. I tried to run yesterday and couldn't even get down the street. The pain in my hip was unreal. I was so worried about running Space Coast that I barely slept last night.

The Doc said I am in great shape, range of motion was great too. It didn't hurt any worse when he bent my legs all over the place, that was a good sign also. As long as I keep icing and take it slow he thinks the marathon is still do-able! He said I can even run today but I'm scared. Something is telling me to rest it still. As far behind as I am in my training, a day or two more won't make or break it.

So, onto to some EXCITING news!!! My good friend Ed is running The New York Marathon next weekend!!! We just went to his marathon party yesterday afternoon. This will be Ed's 3rd marathon. A bunch of fellow Zoomers were there, wishing we could be at the finish line to see him come in. That would have been so cool, to be able to cheer him on throughout the race.

Once I get through the Space Coast Marathon, Endurance Project Phase 2 will be starting. We'll all be training together again! I really miss running with the team. Half of my team members will be doing the Sarasota Grouper Half, the rest, including me, Tess and Ed will do the full. I'm pretty sure Bob will do the full, as he's had the MAP OF THE SARASOTA MARATHON TAPED TO HIS FRIDGE SINCE THE FCA HALF WE JUST DID. His wife Michelle will probably do the half, she's more of a sprinter. I am so excited!

Oh....gotta run, be back soon!!!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good news that you're on the mend! Take it easy on yourself till you're ready.

Good luck to Ed!

Mr. kimsrunningnow said...

I can't wait for spacecoast!! 2 nites away from the kids! Oh yeah and that running part too.

KimsRunning said...

GQ: Thanks so much! I feel fabulous!! I'll take it easy though. i really want to do Space Coast and live to talk about it!

MrKimsRunning: Come on. I know what you have on your mind Mister. And I like it!!! LOL We are gonna have A BLAST!!!! No kids for the whole weekend????? Yippeeeee!!!!

Nitmos said...

Oh, man, a chiro visit sounds good to me. I'm bent like and ampersand these days and could use a little realigning (which, incidentally, is the most common word found on my childhood report cards.)

And NY Marathon is now my *dream* marathon. One day...