Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!! The kids have another week off from school to play with their stuff and destroy the house. YAY! The tree comes down today, I'm sick of looking at it. I know, I'm among the minority who takes the tree down before the New Year. So what. Back in the box by tonight!!!

Funny thing is, I'm leaving the tree out on the lanai up for the entire year. (yes, we had 2 trees) I'm going to decorate it each month by whatever holiday is going on. Valentine's Day is my fave, so I might get that one going real soon. Be good and I might post a picture.

I didn't run Saturday with Chris. My husband and older girls had to work and I didn't have a sitter. Awwwwwww...poor ME! I'll just wait until Wednesday. But Chris had a great run, did 5 miles in an hour. Nice marathon pace Chris! Very proud of you!!!!

My husband won't buy me a red VW Bug so I can make it into a ladybug. Spoilsport. So...the next best thing is.....I'm re-decorating my kitchen in....yep....LADYBUGS! I'm going to the fabric store after work today for the curtains, napkins and placemats. Might even make some pot holders. I already have red as the "splash o color" in there. Decorations, cups and a few things are red. I just have to add my little buggie friends. I'm gonna hit Marshall's too. They have cool stuff there!

Happy New Year everyone!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

So...the next best thing is.....I'm re-decorating my kitchen in....yep....LADYBUGS!

Geez. No wonder Mr. Kimsrunning beats you.

Kidding! Nothing like a little spouse-abuse humor to get a jump start on the New Year!

Teh 'Bride will have our tree out and on the curb to be picked up by January 2. She hates having it around, too.

This year's tree, I have to say, is the crookedest ever. If they had used this tree in that Charlie Brown Xmas Special, no one would've felt sorry for it. They'd've wanted it gone. Even Pigpen.

And Mr. Kimsrunning would have BEAT it like a rented mule. I assume.

Happy New Year, Kim!

joyRuN said...

I'm getting ready to put my tree back in the box too, except it's too much effort to pack up all the ornaments AND the tree. Lazy daisy am I...

Steven Cohen said...

Sorry Kim, the Pats are d-o-n-e! They won a tough game, but needed help from the pathetic Jets, and my Brett Favre (I'm from WI originally) was up to his old tricks and blew it again! Good season, though, and I went to 2 games!

Hey, I'm not the only one with a boxed tree? Cool! Ours stays until after new year at least.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


For your kitschy pleasure:

The Popener.

It's exactly what it sounds and looks like.

Melanie said...

yep, my tree is going back in the box today too :) The red VW decorated as a ladybug sounds too cute! Happy New Year if I don't chat with ya before then!!