Saturday, January 24, 2009

Make That 10 Mile Run A 9 Miler!

Oh I'm so happy!!! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaa!!!

I met Reg and Mike at the gym at 3pm for our long run. Within moments, my prediction of angel vs devil became evidentally correct! Mike asked if we were still doing 8 miles, I said no. We're doing 10. He said 10!! I said "8....10....what's the difference??? LOL He laughed and said ok. Then he asked what pace. I said 10 minute pace. He said "10 minute pace!!" I started laughing because I knew he'd want to do a 12 so we could chat. Mike and I have great runs together, we can talk about anything. I so enjoy our runs together, honestly.

But today I was on a mission. My running history has been so off the wall. I'm slowly getting control of my leg muscles back. A few weeks ago I could only get 2-2.5 miles out before my legs did that numb/weird thing and I'd have to walk back. Then I got to 5 miles before it happened. I was hoping the timing would keep doubling and I'd get to 10 miles this time.

Nope. I started feeling that leg fatigue at about 6 miles. I ignored it. By mile 7 my feet and lower legs were numb. I had to do short walk breaks for like 15-20 seconds every 4-5 minutes. By mile 8 I felt like from my hips down were detached. I pinched my quads real hard and didn't feel a thing. I was running a little sideways. I told Reg this and we switched sides so if I fell I wouldn't fall on him...haha! Kidding, we switched so I'd be closer to the grass. I let him know I was going to stop at 9 miles. Which I did. Reg kept running the last half mile back to the gym. Mike had just arrived there when we walked in too.

And HEY!!! I almost forgot to tell ya....we put our drinks on a fence post and when we got back to them someone had taken my Gatorade!! Hahahaha!!! Little monkeys at the skatepark, I bet.

Here's the run history off my garmin:

Run time: 1:31:58
Run distance: 9 miles
Avg pace: 10:13
Best pace: 6:01

I showed my coach, Jim, who was at the gym when we got back and he said I did a great job! Nothing like hearing that from your coach!!!!!!

I feel a little worried about how far I'll get during the half marathon. It's 3 weeks away, I'm hoping to condition my muscles by then. I'll be potassium loading while everyone else carbo Reg gave me some pretty fantastic news. He said he's going to run with me for the whole half! I was very surprised since he can easily do it in wayyyyy under 2 hours. He said he didn't care about his time, he is going to run with it me. I'm very touched. Very happy. He kept me motivated through out today's run. I was feeling really nervous at the 6 mile mark when that old familiar heaviness began, but we kept going. Every time he said I was doing well, it gave me a surge of energy.

This 9 miler is the longest run I've had since October. A very long time. It feels so fantastically wonderful to sit here and write this post after only 8 days after hearing my doctor tell me to run with my feet side to side. I knew when he said that I was NEVER gonna run from side to side. I'd fall first. Maybe get a pretty pink cast, but NO running side to side for THIS CHICK.

And I was right. I love when that happens.

EDIT FOR MELANIE: I'd be willing to visit in the summer....hahaha!!!


Melanie said...

so you'd be closer to the grass... how i miss grass. our grass is covered with snow. LOL Keep on potassium loading... and great job on the 9 miles, i ran the same distance and it was my longest run since my injury too! :) That's awesome that you'll have company for your HM! :)

Steven Cohen said...

Yeah, good run Kim! Keep rockin' the miles, and eating potassium, um, since that's what you have to do. Train those legs to do your bidding!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Did you know the chemical symbol for potassium is "K"? Coincidence? I think not.

joyRuN said...

Great job on the run, numb legs & Gatorade thievery & all!