Saturday, January 24, 2009


Saturdays have always been the long run days. Until October! Between the IT band bull-oney and my muscles going into hibernation, Saturdays had become an emotionally painful day.


Have I told you lately, that I love you....potassium????? I love potassium! I can even slug down that tonic water like a Bud Light. I miss my Bud Lights. No more alcohol since the seizure meds. Sometimes I mix the tonic water with the tomato juice and pretend it's a bloody mary. Not too bad. Oh well, maybe no beer will help me lose these 6 lbs I found over the holidays.

I met Reg at the gym at 10am for a 3 miler Friday. I wanted to keep an even pace and see how it would go. We did...

3.03 miles
28 minutes
9:20 ave pace.

I am pleased. My legs felt great and it felt wonderful to be out there again. Reg is from Canada and he even said the weather has been cold. LOL!!! Take that GQ!!! I love running with Reg, he keeps my pace up and he TALKS! He has that Canadian accent. He says ooot for out. abooot for about...kinda fun teasing him abooot that since all I ever hear is YER FROM BOSTON, AIN'TCHA?!?! From all these Floridians.

I did need to stop a few times for about 30-45 seconds. My cardio seemed sluggish. I am fine with the feet/ankle pain. Doctor was right, I am getting used to it. He also knows me well enough to know I don't give up that easily. My muscles are listening again!

Soooo...Mike, Reg and I are doing a 10 miler today. We meet at 3pm, when it might be warmer. My hopes are to hold a 10-11 minute pace throughout, but it's been a loooooong time since I did any distance running. I'm going to think of this as a fun run before the half. I'll have Mike to make me take it easy and Reg to keep a faster pace. This should be fun....LOL. Kinda like the angel vs devil on my shoulders. Plus if I fall these two strong guys can carry me back to the gym.....LOL All kidding aside, I still run a little to the right, but my balance is better. Yoga is getting better too. I am determined to get back on track.

I'm SOOOO excited!!!! I'll be back tonight with my 10 miler report!!!

* Special congratulations to my sweetie. Congrats on your promotion. You deserve it. You're a fantastic husband, father and provider for our family. You work hard so I don't have to. (just kiddin') work hard for all of us and we appreciate your commitment to us. After a 12-14 hour day, you come home and smile when we all jump you in the driveway. Even the dog races us all to the door. You're handsome, strong, sweet tempered, loving and kind. You are everything I ever wanted for my children and for me. Plus you're easy on the eyes....LOL

Luv ya Babe!!!!


Melanie said...

awww, congrats to your hubby. what accent are you talkin' aboot, eh? LOL.

Great job on the potassium intake, glad it seems to be working wonders for you! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, and you're so right, we'd have a blast if I was in Florida. Tell Reg it's even colder here now.... friggen Arctic air. Ugh!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good luck on the long run, Kim!

Congrats to Mr Kimsrunning on the promo!

BTW, I am not on facebook so i can't friend you. Whatever transpired there is as much a mystery to me as it is to you.

Mmmmmm ... potassium.

Danielle in Iowa said...

I love listening to Car Talk just so I can hear those Boston accents and be reminded of my mom :-)

Steven Cohen said...

Great to have you back on the road again! I have to now to watch Lawr and Ohdah up here in Bawstun! The Sawx have spring training soon, too, down by you!

KimsRunning said...

hahahaha!!! Yous guys ahhh sooo funny!

Melanie said...

so i guess you're not coming up here anytime soon?! LOL :)