Sunday, January 18, 2009

Potassium: It's What's For Breakfast

I don't think I've ever been so happy to take medication/vitamins. *snoopy dance*

I met Mike yesterday at the gym at 3pm for a 3 miler. My last run was last Tuesday and it didn't go too well.

We started out slow and steady. Right away I could feel the difference! My feet actually lifted off the ground! They didn't feel like I had 25 lb sleeves on them. Yippeee!!

Now this was no 95.4 laps around an ice skating rink, but it felt pretty spectacular to ME! My feet and ankles are still getting tingly, numb and ok...they do hurt, but it was the cramping and fatigue in my legs that was so bad. 2 miles felt like 10. It was like hitting the wall 15 minutes into a run. Not a good time.

Here's the stats from my Garmin...

Run time: 30:13
Distance: 3.02 miles
Average: 10:00 min pace
Best pace: 6:46 min pace
Calories: 308 (that's a rip off) But don't worry, I ingested at LEAST 3 times those many calories as soon as I got home. I'm no idiot.

Half Fast/Vanilla alert: Follow Ian's marathon splits here!!!!!
Looks like he finished the 10K split at 1:04:08 at a 10:20 pace!!! GO VANILLA!!!!!

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Melanie said...

So glad that you're feeling so great! :D