Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 miles!

Oh, I'm just a blogging FREAK today!

First, Congratulations to Vanilla! He finished his first marathon today!!! I think he ran up and down a dumpster. First Nic the Chiropractor runs around an ice rink 95.4 times, now we have vanilla marathoning dumpsters. Both of these guys deserve a big congrats!!!!! Awesome guys!!!

I'd give Jim's race report on his half marathon today, but I haven't heard from him yet.
EDIT: Jim ran a 1:43 half marathon!!! Way to go coach!! NEXT: BQ.....

After I saw that vanilla finished his marathon and was still alive, I set out the door for my own little jaunt. It took me a while to feel warmed up.

Run time: 42:34
Distance: 4.01 miles
Average: 10:37 pace
Best pace: 6:51 pace

The first 2 miles I felt like I was dragging, and I was. I think I was at an 11 min pace. The last mile felt the best. I almost went an extra mile, but if I want to do the half Feb 15th, I'd better ease into it.


Melanie said...

great job on the run... in your stinkin' warm weather LOL. If you get a heat rash, you may want to check with Mr G on that one... .LOL

nwgdc said...

Must have been freezing out if you started at 11/mile and "warmed up" to 6:51. Sheesh!
Thanks for the congrats! As for the knees, I'm definitely more sore than I have been in the past after marathons. That may have something to do with it being January, too.

Marcy said...

LOL I think us Northern folks are just a tad bit angry HAHAHAA

GREAT JOB chica!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

72 degrees? SEVENTY FREAKIN TWO!?1!?

I hate you.

Okay, I'm over it.

Good job on the 4 miler, Kim. Try not to mention the weather down there or you can expect more hate mail comments from:

1. Me

2. Canucks

3. Penguins

4. Canuck Penguins

5. Canuck me's

6. Penguin me's.

That's a lot of hate.

But despite all that potential hate, remember this:

I like beer.

Send me whatever you have that you can't drink now, and all is forgiven. It's what Jewish people call a "mitzvah". Everyone else will call you sucker, but don't listen to them for they are not God's Chosen people.

KimsRunning said...

I really do.

Melissa said...

Congrats to you and to Dr. Nic. But did you know that Gavlin walked in the snow? I think he deserves his props too!

Girl on Top said...

Great job for getting out there!

AKA Alice said...

Nothing like tracking someone else's marathon to get ya some mojo!

Why do those peeps live in the north? It cooled off to the low 70's here today (I'll never understand...)

Thanks for following my blog :-)