Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Post Stealing (1st Offense) No Offense

I have never stolen posts before, but these two are too hysterical to pass up. Gives me a chance to try to do that linky thing you well trained bloggers already know how to do.

I don't usually like to discuss bodily functions, as I don't have any myself, but here ya go.....

Go here to check out a lil contraption that every runner (but ME) needs.
Go here for all you women who find they need to pee in between port-o-potties, but have not yet mastered the "art" of peeing standing up. I know, I know. Bear with me a moment.

Ok, this one does include me, but we will not discuss it. Too much. I just wanna say, there's no hiding the fact you have one of these in your shorts. What?? You don't WEAR them for the whole race?? Oh, I can just see it now: Running along, no port-o-potty in sight when ya just gotta pee. Head for the bushes (if there are any) drop your drawers and unfold the "canister". We're up on at least 4 minutes now. Then it would take me another 5 minutes to relax enough to trust this contraption before I could even begin, ya know, to....pee. (I can't believe I'm talking about this) Then as luck would have it, my "aim" would not be so precise and I'd pee all over the place. And what do I get for all my hassle??? Lost 10 minutes, that's what!

So forget it. I'll never try the contraption. Deena Kastor probably invented it to slow down all the other runners. I'll stick to christening all the finish lines, thankyaverramuch.

PS. I don't do that anymore, BTW. I saw the doc who told me I was over-hydrating. So now I'm crossing those finish lines with CON-FI-DENCE. Yay!!!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Foax in these hyere parts don't cotton much to post-rustlers. We know how ta deal with yer kind.

Time fer an ol'-fashioned neck tie party! And yer the guest o' honor!



(Bring your own neck tie. And would it kill you to wear a nice vest?)


KimsRunning said...

Is it "Too late ta 'pologiiiiize?"
And I don't wear neck ties. Ima GURLLLL in case ya didn't notice. Pfffffft

Sherry said...

When the need to pee arises... Discretely sit on the side of the road (check for fire ants)... aha, yes passer-bys, I'm just resting a bit... and pee! :o)

KimsRunning said...

Haha!! You pee on the side of the rode?? I'll try it. Thanks for the tip!