Monday, October 13, 2008

2 days After The Half knee has miraculously started healing. It doesn't send a mind jolting stab of pain across my knee like it did this morning. Strange. But YAY! Coach says to rest it for the week. I will do that happily. Cindy's husband is a massage therapist and gave me some great advice for the next 4 days, then I get a deep tissue massage. Looking forward to THAT!

Today was very sweet. I was able to talk to most of my team mates either by email, phone or in person. We all agree this half marathon was thrilling. All of us enjoyed our training time together. Goals have been met, friendships have been made. I'm very curious to see who shows up for "Phase Two" of the Endurance Project. Full marathon training for the Sarasota Grouper Run on Feb 15th. I'm 100% sure Bob is in, I'm in, Ed is in, Tess is in....the rest claim they have no desire to run the golden 26.2. We shall see!

I'm going to bed. I am tired. I'm going to dream about running Space Coast marathon on Nov 30th.

Good night, sweet dreams....


Sherry said...

So glad your ITB is feelig better. Lots of rest... that's all it needs.

You know, with the FL running season pretty much in full swing now, you actually have me thinking about doing a marathon (or at least a half). Heck, my long runs every week are 8 to 10 miles now... what's a few more, right? LOL! I know... it gets progressively more tough once you pass that 10 mile mark.

Still... I'm thinking seriously about it. It would be nice to concentrate on a single sport for a few months. :o)

Nitmos said...

Just catching up....Congratulations on your half. I know you didn't quite meet the time goal but there is NOTHING, in my opinion, that submarines a race quite like heat. Way to push on through.

No go after Space Coast with vigor. What else better do you have to do!?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Okay, so get your deep tissue massage and GET BACK TO BLOGGING, already. Just because you're in a post-race, post-taper, high-on-life stupor is no reason to punish the Whole Internets by withholding.

Unless you use your knee to type. In that case, rest up.