Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!!!

Yep, it's true!! I can tell you I am once again, a RUNNER! I have run 2 days in a row without that debilitating pain....yippeeeee!!!!

I have been spit on twice though. Chris spit INTO the wind Tues morning and it came back and got me on the arm. Yummy. I woulda thought it was raining, but I happened to be looking in the direction of which the spittle came from. It was clear and minute, so I let it go. Today I got spit on by a new runner friend. In the face! Yeah.....LOL...I guess you could say WE BONDED! What's a little saliva between running buddies, huh?????

So Tues morning Chris and I ran about 2.5 miles. He had a sore achilles, which sucks, and I was so worried about my knees that we did a nice easy run. Very enjoyable and light. No pain and I felt fine after. And he ALLOWED talk time. I know! How sweeet! He read my blog and decided he didn't want to be known as my "fuddy-duddy-running-buddy. LOL...He's a good guy!

Today I ran with Steven and Reg. Reg is from Canada. I guess people REALLY do live there! I thought it was way too cold for human habitat, especially in December, but Reg seems relatively normal...LOL. Kiddin'....Reg is a great guy. He's here in Florida because Canada is freakin freezin. He kicked my woe-begotten ass this morning, may I add.

We started out talking and running easy. Withing 2 minutes, I peeked at my Garmin to find us at an 8:20 pace. Geez! I thought I was going to kill my knees at that pace! I was wrong....we kept going....Reg talks in the METRICS. Sigh. He must not know we Americans revolted against that particular type of measurement. Yeah, we PRETEND to know metrics when we talk about distance AT TIMES. But that's only in reference to races. In our everyday talk, no metrics are used. So we spent a goodly amount of time going back and forth with figuring out distances and paces. Blah. I hate math.

I did need to do some walking, that pace was pretty fast for me as I haven't really been able to let loose for 2 months, thanks to the IT band. But guess what?? I loved it!! It felt like such an awesome workout! I could feel my heart racing, blood pumping, legs eager for the next turnover! Not the blueberry turnover, I mean the leg turnover....anyway....

I was very happy to find out I could really, truly run again. Oh JOY!!!! I'm not sure I would have pushed myself if Reg hadn't led me along. I was still in that euphoria 2 hours later!

Steven decided to wear his cleats for the run. Yes, you read that correctly. CLEATS! I said to him, that he was crazy! He said he hopped into his truck and headed over, forgetting he only had his cleats in the truck, not his sneakers. OMG. He ran in the grass beside us, I was worried the whole time. He's 21 yrs old though. You know how those crazy kids are....LOL. Love that kid.

I have a new goal. I wanna do a sprint triathlon. There's one on April 9, 2009. Chris is interested too. We will begin adding in the training for that very soon. Swimming and biking are great cross training for the marathon, so it should work out well. We're very excited!!!!!! My husband is thrilled I'm adding biking to my menagerie of exercising. This is something we can do together. I look forward to kicking his beautiful ass soon.

Now all I need to do is learn how to breathe while I swim. And keep my legs straight. Oh, and the bike part should be a blast on my Schwinn 21 speed. HA!!!!!


Melanie said...

i can attest to it being fricken freezing in Canada, hence my run on ice today. Gah! I'm also looking to do a sprint tri next year! :) good luck with your training!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Geez, Kim, zero-to-60 in one blog post! Back to running, adding biking AND swimming AND vowing to do a tri in 4 months!

This is all great news!

The only advice I'd offer is be sure to give yourself a rest day between runs. Getting better takes time, but re-injuring yourself can happen thatfast.

Still, must feel great to be doing pain-free runs after soooo long!

I'm happy for you, Sister!

Sherry said...

Yay, yay, yay, yay, YAY!!! I KNEW it!!! TRI TIME!

Okay, so I'm trying to figure out what local tri is occurring on April 9th, but I can't figure it out... so please dish! I'm doing one on April 11th up at Ft. DeSoto... would THAT be the one? You should do it, Kim! It would be SO much fun for all of us to do it together. Scott and Sondra are entered as well. :o)

Okay... time to back myself down from the overjoyed high that I'm on to say that I'm REALLY glad that you are running pain free right now. Keep it that way, mkay!?! :o)

Can't wait to see you on Saturday. I'll be the girl with the pom-poms... if I can find them! LOL!

Nitmos said...

Welcome back! Slow and steady.

There is no better conversation starter than being spit on.

Sherry said...

Hey Kim... it's Escape from Ft. Desoto. April 11, 2009. Takes place in Ft. DeSoto Park up in the St. Pete area and is one of the largest sprint tris in Florida. They even have a "first timers" category.

Check out the link: