Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shaving My 5K...Yes or No


But I saw Sherry so it was worth running in the unbelievably cold, windy weather. OMG, it was C-O-L-D! 42 degrees and sooooo windy. The first mile went ok, I had to pull back a few times when my Garmin read 7:40 (!!!) I wanted to hold an 8:30 pace for 3 miles then fly for .1 but the wind was crazy. I hit mile 1 at 8:30, I was happy with that and hoping to maintain but the wind kicked in right after that. I felt like I was running place.

My feet were freezing, my hands were aching and my face was numb. By 1.5 miles my knee was whispering sweet nothings in my ear. And it wasn't saying "I love you". It was saying..."Get the heck off me". I didn't listen. Why should I???? I've been laying low for 2 months now. TWO MONTHS. I've missed 6 races!!! This was the last race of the year for me to shave my 5K time. I had hopes. I had dreams. I had.....a sore knee. And wind. And cold.

I'll admit I was feeling a little bummed now and then. I knew I wasn't going to see a miracle. But ya know what??? I was running my first race in 2 months and I really was grateful for that.

OH-OH-OH!!!! My friend Ed just called me!!! He helped with the race results etc and just called to give me my stats.....28:29 and 1st place in my age division! I am very pleasantly surprised!! You may be wondering why I didn't know this.....I had a 9 mile training run with Chris this morning and couldn't hang around for the results. I was bummed about that because I really love to see my runner friends get their results/medals but I had that prior commitment to run.

But once I got to the gym, my knee was pretty sore. I had a hot chocolate to defrost my insides and contemplated the 9 mile run. Chris came in all bouncy and positive and I didn't want to rain on that awesome attitude so I made the attempt to run. I got about 200 yards and KNEW it wasn't gonna happen, baby. I planted the cooler with the Gatorade and Gu packs at the post and yelled up to Chris. He came back and I told him my knee made other plans. My knee was being a Princess and didn't wanna run. Chris was so fired up he kinda said no problem and trotted off. I felt a wave of envy mixed with pride for him. He will do so well in the marathon! I drove past him on my way home and yelled out some cool "coach-type" words of encouragement. I'll catch up with him later to get the scoop!
No shaving my 5K! Sorry for the confusion. My PR is 27:25, I did 28:29 today. The part that surprised me was placing 1st for my age division!!!!

Today is my beloved husband's birthday. He's a lot older than me at 46 years old. I'm only 42, still a chick. He's beautiful inside and out. I'm so very thankful he was born. He's the best husband and father I know. I love him more than I can say. We're going to dinner tonight, I'm looking forward to spending quality time together. Especially later...teehee.....

Here's Mr Birthday Man.....

Love, Love, Love this man.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

So you DID shave your 5k, then? Right?

This is a bit confusing.

No trace of a mullet on MrKimsRunning. Good decision to leave it back in the 80s.

Happy birthday to him!

And congrats to you! (I think .. you did shave, right? Because that "No" at the beginning makes it a bit unclear...)

Melanie said...

cold for Florida, or Canada? :D Congrats on your 1st place, and along with Glaven, am confused. Happy bday to your hubby!

KimsRunning said...

Sorry guys! The phone call threw me! I felt like I ran a not so great race, so I was surprised to find out I placed 1st!

My PR is 27:25 from August, I shaved but not in this last race.


My husband had a wonderful birthday, thank you for the kind wishes!!!!

Sherry said...

Kim... I just came RUNNING (okay, hobbling) to your blog to let you know that you had won your age group!!! Glad to see that someone called ya! Ya skipped right out on us girl! :o)

I know that you knee was giving your grief again, but all things considered you did a really great job.

As always, it was wonderful seeing you. I've got a 40 mile ride this morning and then I'll probably update my blog with pictures from the race. It may have been cold/windy, but the lighting yesterday was beautiful. Lots of perrrrty pictures.

Happy Birthday wishes to Bobby!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Jeepers, Kim, you really do suck at math!

The time you submitted to HF was 30:50; you ran a 28:29 in this latest 5k.

You shaved. You didn't PR, but you did shave. There's a difference.

(That's a shave of 2 minutes & 21 seconds. So you don't have to do the math yourself. I wouldn't want to see you pull a math muscle. ;-) )

If you didn't realize this yesterday, then I just gave you ANOTHER reason to go out and celebrate tonight!

Who luvs ya?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O - just realized. Your shave was closer than mine, which was 1:09.

So now I hate you.

But not as much as I hate Sherrah-Lynne Spuckler, with her Daisy Dukes and her 10 minute shave! (Or something.)

You people are making me look bad!

Nanook of the North said...

pfft..42 degrees..cold?...when i was a runner in the north(not canada) 42 degrees was a warm day. a day when I didn't need to break icicles of parked cars to hydrate, a day when my snowshoes didn't sink more than 8" into the snow, and when a car splashed a big icy puddle on me I was thankful to be cooled off... Oh..btw ...thank you for the birthday present!

KimsRunning said... sound like someone I know. BOB THE HUSBAND! You are not a runner, you're a LOVER!

And I love you.
You're welcome for the birthday presents.