Friday, November 28, 2008

Punta Gorda Turkey Trot Race Report

My husband and I got up at 5am. There was a costume contest going on at the race, so I got back in touch with my Navajo roots and dressed as the Indian Princess I truly am. My friend Stef had some VERY cool indian costume stuff from her daughters' costumes and let me borrow them. Her husband Mark made a bow and arrow holder, whittled a dagger, the feather headband and some collars to add to the dress I already had. He made an awesome 5 foot long spear that looked so authentic. Their daughter even let me take her baby doll that was dressed as an indian too! I borrowed my daughter's moccasins. I was THRILLED!
We got to the race and as we walked up to the registration area, I noticed two things.
1. My knee was killing me.
2. I was the ONLY person in a costume.

My husband, who is very, very shy (we are so opposite, personality-wise) looked over at me and asked if I wanted to change out of my costume before people started pointing and laughing at me. PFFFT. No. This was gonna be even MORE fun, for 2 reasons...

1. This was one race people would never forget me from
2. I was gonna WIN!

The newspaper guy was there, he came and took a picture. I asked him how many other costumes there were. He said two others!! COOL!! Then he said they were both babies. Oh. I can't compete with cute babies! Shoot! Now I won't win. Blah. Whatever. But WAIT!! There were two categories!! Adult, and child. And by "adult", I'm talking age, not porn. Ha!! So my chance of winning came back into sight, and I got to keep my clothes on. Bonus!

They announced the contest, asking all participants to come forward. I pushed through the crowd and stood between the cutie-pie babies. One was an elephant, the other was a turkey. They were adorable! They announced the winner (me) and gave me a $50 gift certificate to a SPA!...OOOOOHHHHH....I'm gettin me an aroma-therapeutic massage!!! Can't wait for that!!!! Truth be told, I didn't even know there was a prize, so it was an unexpected plus to freezing-me-buttocks-off. Yes people. I gets cold here in Florida too. But like the kids in Boston at Halloween, I refused to cover my costume with a winter coat even though I'm just getting over the flu. Proof some people never grow up.

Off to the finish line that I would not be crossing, thanks to my knee. There were so many people at this race that it was tough to find the people I knew. I did see Sherry there with her husband Scott. Her friend Sondra was there too. Sherry got a new PR, but I'll let her post her race report, I won't blow the BIG NEWS!!!!!! (OMG...she totally blew away her last PR)

I saw Bill and Mary, Bill and I ran over the bridge together at mile 20 of the Sarasota Grouper marathon last March. Bill gave me some exciting/sad news. He is doing Space Coast. Sniff, sniff. He hadn't heard that I withdrew from that marathon because of my knee. I'll admit I really wanted to cry. It would have been wonderful to see him there. I had to push away my sadness and just be thrilled for Bill. And I truly am, but man. I wanted to run that race so bad. Bill tried to be nonchalant about it and not mention the extremely cool medal but it slipped He felt bad but I UNDERSTAND the excitement, believe me. I honestly feel happy he's going. I can't wait to see his medal and the pictures. How can I not be excited for Bill???? Space Coast marathon is Sunday. I'll be following Bill's progress and I'll post his results as soon as I get them.

Here are a few pictures of the Turkey trot.
Husband Bob and me...

Contestants, you can see why I was concerned about my competition!

Cute babies!
Frank, fellow Endurance team mate and Zoomer!

Scott and Sherry
Sherry crossing the finish line!! GO SISTA!!!!!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Sorry your knee wouldn't cooperate, sister, but SWEET win in the costume contest! That prize'll fix your knee right up!

Must've been a bit bittersweet for you, but at least you met up with friends and could help them celebrate their accomplishments.

w00t! for Sherry and her PR!

Love the pix.

Sherry said...

Kim.... your costume was FANTASTIC!!! You are all heart girl... braving those COLD conditions in that short skirt! The legs looked awesome... as always! ;p

I'm so sorry that you were unable to run. It was truly a great day for running; but there will be more of those days. You did the right thing by sitting it out. Focus on the Grouper run... it's most important.

It was so nice to finally meet Bob! He is just as sweet (and cute) in person. :o)

Hugs to ya! Oh, are you thinking of doing the Winter Waddle on the 13th?