Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking A Little Break

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

This is going to be a crazy week over here at my house. I'm taking some time out for the family. I'm also thinking I need a rest from exercise/running and now's the time to let my body truly heal. I hurt myself 3 times in 3 days and I will take the hint! I'm not really sure what's happening with my marathon training or the sprint tri I wanted to do in April. I'll play it by ear. I have a good base, if I can impliment a safe "catch-up" I will. If I can't, well then I'll find another marathon or tri for later.

I hope to get a decent run in by the 3rd week of January with Jim, my coach. He's been doing the senior olympics the last couple months and hasn't been able to get in a distance run with us for me to get a feel for where I'm at. Falling twice in a 24 hour period has left me feeling like I was in a car accident...pretty sore all over! My pride is a bit damaged too. Funny thing is, my toe, which bled like a stuck pig and had the top almost torn off...doesn't even hurt. It's numb, like my brain. Thank God for small miracles I guess.

I will still be by to read my special blog friend's posts! I can't go too long without seeing what you're all up to. Especially since my husband is also hooked and reads them aloud to me while I'm busy doing other I just won't be posting for now.

By the way.....Jim has qualified in the senior games ONCE AGAIN FOLKS!!! All of us are very proud of him. He is a true athlete!


nwgdc said...

Hey Kim!

Thanks for stopping by!

I think the ladies really would flock to me...except for the fact I'm a pretty big dork (that's how you end up a chiropractor) and allow myself to be acquainted with the likes of Glaven and Nitmos. Hey, you can't pick your friends, but you can pick your nose...or something like that.

Thanks again, and consider me a follower!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Geez, who let a chiropractor in here? You used to have standards, Kim. What happened? To be able to comment here, it used to be:

You can be a dork


You can be a chiropractor

But you can't be both.

And, by the way, "Dr." nwgdc, Glaven who? Because I have NO idea who you are and I've never been to your site and furthermore when I go there I never enjoy it!

Hey, Kim! I had an idea. Know what they should call you, since you're always hurting yourself?


Lemme know if that catches on. I expect royalties.

Melanie said...

enjoy the break, and the rest!

joyRuN said...

I saw Glaven & Mr. Kimsrunning had bonded over the weekend :)

Thanks for the sweet sweet comment. Your family's been through quite a bit, & I'm glad to hear how well your not-so-little kids are doing.

Enjoy the R&R.

Sherry said...

Happy holidays to everyone at the Cusick house!

Enjoy your down time... I WISH I could take some as well. My mind just won't let me right now. Next year, I need to plan my "off season" a bit better.

Warm holidays wishes coming at ya!

nwgdc said...

Please tell me I won't have to begin following up my comments on other blogs to make sure I'm not being heckled there by good ole Glaven. Sheesh!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, yeh, Nic (nwgdc), I'm trashing you ALL OVER the blogosphere. Worst decision you ever made was to throw down against me!

How many people know you got your chiropractor's license from a Caribbean med school?

"Hi, Everybody!"

"Hi, Dr. Nic!"

Yeah, I'm trashing you Simpsons-style now, "Dr" Nic.

KimsRunning said... guys are wayyy too funny...BUT...if you're gonna fight on my blog, the LEAST you could do is fight over ME!

Steve Stenzel said...

Hope it's not TOO crazy there!

Happy Holidays!!