Wednesday, January 23, 2008

38 Days To The Marathon

I recently started taking a yoga class at the YMCA. Jim and Bonnie teach it and there are about 22 people who go. A few weeks ago I got a little over zealous and pulled a muscle in my upper thigh, so I have been very careful now. I don't need another injury to slow my training down, since the marathon is in 38 days! I can't believe it! I can't wait!! Yoga is very relaxing, it's a great way to stretch before running. I usually go running right after yoga but I had a client meeting me at the shop at 10:30. She hasn't shown up....grrr... (I have a machine embroidery business I run from small shop beside my house.)

Yesterday I ran 3 miles to the gym, did a quickie upper body workout and attempted to run back home. I mostly walked it. I don't think I warmed up well enough because my knees were killing me. They felt sore and tight from below the kneecap to just above it. They're fine today. Tomorrow I'm planning on a longer run. I'll do 5.5 miles, then on Saturday I'm going to do 14.6 miles. I FINALLY got a watch with a timer (took me this long to find one with pink on it) Now I need to learn how to set it. I've been getting the hang of 10 minute miles and now I find out I need to get it to 12 minute miles. My heart wants to go faster but my head (and my trainer) tell me to slow it down. I need to learn how to conserve energy to finish the marathon. I understand and agree with the philosophy but I want to be fast. It's a major struggle not to just let it loose and fly that first mile. Tomorrow I'll try the 12 minute mile, but I won't like it....HA!!! That'll take me over an hour. I wonder if I pick a day to JUST run fast, if that will quench my need for speed? Hmmm....I'll see some runners tomorrow night, I'll have to ask around.

Thursday night my husband and I are going to see "Spirit Of A Marathon" at the cinema. It's a one time showing based on the book. We bought the tickets weeks ago. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I'll post a review sometime on Friday...


Robert Ashton said...

Hi there. I'm not sure I can offer any good tips for marathon running - except to say that with so little time to go you don't want to try anything too dramatic. I've got a week by week schedule on the whiteboard in my office and am relentlessly packing away the miles.

With 15 weeks to go, I'm running at least one 10 mile run a week and soon that will increase.

Let me know how it goes


Sherry said...

Hi Kim! I found your blog through the 'Zoomers' website. My husband and I were also at the 'Spirit of the Marathon' movie on Thursday evening. It was terrific, wasn't it!?! I'm pretty new to running myself... just started up last December, but already I'm super hooked! My first 5K is this March (Komen Race for the Cure) and then I'm going to do the Danskin Triathlon in Orlando this May.

I've been eyeing the 'Zoomers' website for a bit now and have wondered about possibly hooking up with them, but I'm worried that I'll be the "slow poke" of the group. LOL! I guess we all have these fears when we are just beginning. You've got to tell me more about them! :o)

I'm so glad that I found your blog. It's nice to read about someone who is so geographically close to me.

Hope to chat with you more! Good luck with your marathon training. :o)