Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They Have Arrived!!

My Vibram 5 Fingers are here!!!!!! My husband had today off and wasn't really doing anything...(haha) so I asked him to hang around in case Fed Ex came by. He kinda breathed into the phone and said "ok"....PERFECT! What a sweetie! This is why I married this man. I knew someday I'd order a pair of Vibrams and I'd need to count on someone to be there for me. He's the one...sighhhh...

Anyway....I looked up from the desk and there he was....my Knight In Shining Armour. With a box. Oooohhh....I got all tingly. I knew what he had there under his arm! I was excited for a couple reasons...
1. I love packages
2. I couldn't wait to try these bad boys on
3. I couldn't remember what color I ordered (black and tan) (only cuz they don't come in pink)

I took off my sandals and thought I'd "throw" the Vibrams on. W-R-O-N-G! They don't just get "thrown on". It's hard to get these on. My toes had a mind of their own and wanted to stay together. It took me a few minutes, but I got 'em on finally. I walked around the office in them, pretending to run. My husband sat watching me with a smirk on his face. He's just jealous my sports stuff is way cheaper and more easily acquired than his. Whatever.

I had to stay in the office, I couldn't go running down the road like I wanted to. In the meantime, I wore them around the office. After about 3 hours, I noticed some discomfort in a couple toes. I was expecting this, so I wasn't deterred. I was late but I made it to the last half of my yoga class (the best half may I add) because I worked late. I slipped the Vibrams off. I need to be barefoot for yoga. Trouble was, there were people waiting to get into the room once yoga was over and I could not get those shoes back on so fast. I walked to my car barefoot. No biggie.

A handful of people at work saw my Vibrams and thought they were pretty cool. I think. They're all so sweet, they'd never make me feel bad, so who knows what they really think...lol.

When I got home, I put them back on and went for a quick run down the street. It was awesome. I felt barefoot but protected. It was so weird to actually feel the road beneath my feet. I can see how my feet land now. I love this feeling! I will be careful not to go for too long of a run. I know there isn't any support in these. I'm wondering if I could put a pair of Dr Scholl's in there. I'll look around and see....in the mean time....I'm out of work by noon tomorrow...I plan on getting a little 2 miler in with these on. I'll be back after that to give a full report!

For now, 2 thumbs up for my Vibrams!!!!!

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