Saturday, July 26, 2008


The team will be heading out to Venice this morning for some timed miles. We have a warm up/cool down route planned out but I'll admit to being mostly excited about the track. There have been some pretty accomplished athletes on this track. Olympians!! I'm thinking the feeling will be awesome, just to walk out onto the track. Maybe the energy will be felt.

I'm going to finish my bagel and blueberry tea, I'll be back later with an updated post!! Maybe even some pictures!

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Sherry said...

Hope you had a great track workout! Post updates and pictures if you can.

I'm hoping to get my first track workout in tomorrow. I decided to follow the FIRST training program. It is a bit aggressive, but it fits my schedule better and will 'hopefully' allow me to improve my running while still allowing adequate time for cycling & swimming.

Can you believe July is nearly over? Just two more weeks until we finally meet! YAY!!!!