Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little Bit Behind In Training

Well, I read the book "4 Months To A 4 Hour Marathon" about 2 months ago. Promptly put it down and never thought about it again. I peeked at the training schedule last week and thought maybe I could hop into week 6 and hope for the best. That was before I twisted my foot Sunday. I hate to admit this, but I was reluctant to do this training before I hurt myself for 2 reasons....I run if/when I feel like it, so it's hard to be on a schedule, and I had NO IDEA what a 400 meter run was. Finally remembered to ask my coach. He had to draw it for me, I'm just that dumb.

Honestly, the only time I start to obsess about timing or speed is when a 5k is coming up. I'm running my first 10K on Saturday but I don't feel the need for speed in that for some reason. Only the 5K races. I thoroughly enjoy a long leisurely run with no limits on miles or pace. That being said...I want to run the half marathon in Oct in under 2 hours VERY BADLY. Call it inner conflict....I'm a woman. I know I won't be fast if I don't train for speed, but it only bugs me before a 5k or when I talk about Boston. Then it becomes a problem in my head. I wish I knew someone else who felt this way too. Maybe there's someone like me out there. Am I not a serious runner???

Today I was supposed to do 16x400's, but when I told my coach I was going to do that this morning he said not to be stupid. I twisted my ankle. He's right, so I skipped it. I did my yoga class....I love yoga! Anyway, I'm so off the schedule, I think I may as well try the 400's tomorrow. If it hurts, I will stop.

I think I'm ready for another shot at the trail run. I want to try it with my running shoes instead of my trails. I also want to do it without a watch, just a sweet run. The last trail run was not too enjoyable but I think it was because I was very uncomfortable in those Nike Trails and I was behind the fast runners. I do get competitive, it will take over if I let it. Once I stopped for water and wasn't trying to keep up with them, it wasn't so bad. Only trouble was, before I could settle into it with my new attitude, the sky opened up and the thunder and lightening made us have to stop. I will try it again soon.

My next race is Saturday, a 10k. It's my first so I'll be ok with whatever time I get. As long as it's under 1 hour.....LOL...told ya I was conflicted!!!! Sighhhhh......

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