Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday's run with Runners Club sucked. I'm so frustrated. I will have some answers to what ails me on the 16th. Then I can take the magic "whatever they have" and be back to normal. Right now I'm not sure I'm even running the Sarasota Half Marathon Feb 15th. Last Saturday I did a 6.5 mile run and although I struggled, I did do it. That gave me hope that I could at least do the half, but after yesterday's flop of a 2.5 mile run, I need to back away from thinking I'll be doing much distance.

I've had a nerve conductor test (fun), an EEG and an MRI of the spine (this morning). I think those 3 tests cover everything, don't you?? I have some really fabulous swear words being screamed out in my head, but I won't type them out here. I am a lady, after all. But I AM thinkin' 'em.

All that being said, and I know I'm a wacko (so need to tell me), but this Saturday a bunch of my friends are meeting on Boca Grande for a long run. Some of them are doing their 18-20 miler (yes, I am crying) but I am going even if I can only go a few miles.


I apologize now for the obviousness of feeling sorry for myself. Sorry.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


It's frustrating, Kim, so no need to apologize. I guess I'm not quite as frustrated as you are because my injury is younger than yours. Still, it is frustrating.

I told Teh 'Bride to start looking for a bike on Freecycle because I'm thinking I might start doing that instead of running. Lower impact, and all that.

As I said before, I get no joy out of running that is peculiar to running ... I run because I need to do something for my Fat Eyes. If that something turns out to be cycling - or walking - that's fine.

I'll miss running, though, if I have to stop.

Is this any help, or am I just making you feel worse?

Here's something to make you feel better:

My Man-gina hurts!

Any laffs on that? Not even a titter?


KimsRunning said... always make me smile, even when I'm crying, so thank you...really.

Melanie said...

LOL, even i laughed, but then again, how can i not laugh at his comments. :o) hang in the Kim, as Glaven said, it's frustrating without a doubt. Take it easy, and hopefully the answers will be the ones your want.

Steven Cohen said...

Vent away, vent away! You'll be ready again, and then you're off and, well, running!

Reluctant Runner said...

Geez, what's the fun of being injured and having to go through a bunch of lousy tests if you can't at least feel a LITTLE sorry for yourself ... you're entitled!

Hope you get some answers soon, Kim.