Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Long Run

Got a nice run in this morning with my Canadian friend, Reg. I keep calling him Reggie but he doesn't really like that. He told me that the first time we met. I keep forgetting until the last syllable is out of my mouth, then I make a point to say "Reg" the next buncha times I say his name.

So anyway, me and Reg did a 10 miler this morning and here are the stats...

Run time: 1:44
Run distance: 10.12 miles
Avg pace: 10:20
Best pace: 6:50 (no Jim, we didn't run down a big hill, hardy har har)

Good news: We're done with long runs since our half marathon is a week from tomorrow.
Bad news: I got a bra burn. Yep. Right in the middle. In between. You know....THERE!

Here's what happened, and I blame my oldest daughter for this. You'll see why.

She's mad at me so she stopped "helping" me with the laundry, so the best running bra I own (which isn't even a running bra) was still in the laundry pile from Wednesday's run. I never even gave it a thought until 10 minutes before I was headed out the door. No special bra. Shoot. I grabbed the first one out of my drawer, strapped 'em in and took off without a thought.

About two miles out, I was thinking about 'em again. In fact, I was thinking about 'em for the next 8.12 miles. I had a tank top under my shirt so I tried pulling that up through the bottom, but forget it. Bra burn is here people. And I felt it in the shower worse than ever.

Doesn't hurt now though. But see if I buy HER those blueberry poptarts she loves so much. Not this week ladies and gentlemen. She'll be sorrrreeeeeeeeee

The run was a good one. We talked the entire time. Me with a lot more effort than Reg. Also, here's the thing about Reg: he likes to be about 8 inches ahead of me AT ALL TIMES. I have figured out (finally) that if I speed up so I can HEAR WHAT HE'S SAYING...he just speeds up. That's why we've been running so freaking fast. But I caught on last week so now I don't try to catch up anymore. I'd rather be able to talk. This little bit of info is what's gonna get me a new PR for a half marry folks. Cuz in that half, I'm not going to speak to Reg. I'm going to wear my iPod so I can't even hear him if he tries to talk to me. And guess what else??? Yes. You are quite correct everyone: I am going to try to run BESIDE Reg. YEAH BABY.

I'm thinking I'll just keep an even sub 9 minute per mile pace until 7 miles, then go for it. This could be a joke, who knows. I'll find out, won't I? As long as my legs don't start ignoring commands, I should make it just fine. Our leisure runs have gone well, my feet didn't get numb until about 9 miles this morning. The stabbing pains in my legs came and went but I'm learning to ignore that. The mind is a very powerful thing.

My friend and coach is runing his marathon Sunday morning. Originally he wanted to Boston Qualify but that particular race is full, registration has closed for 2009. What a ripoff!!! Jim said he feels like the pressure is off, so I think he might be doing a joy-ride marathon Sunday. I know a few friends have asked me if I would post Jim's results here and OF COURSE I soon as I get them. Jim's wife, Bethany and her brother (who came down from Massachusetts) will also be running this race. I'll get all their results posted...PROMISE!!!

Ok, I need to go clean the house so my husband doesn't know I spent 3 hours in the hot tub today. WHAT???? It was so cold I was afraid to get out!!! It's like 62 degrees here in SW Florida. That's like 30 degrees for you Northerners. Ya, chilly! Our plants are even dying. Imagine trying to get out of a hot tub????

Have a fun weekend!!!


Steven Cohen said...

Well, great run! Bummer about the burn. And, um, 62ยบ? Even by relative comparison I can't feel badly for you on that one. sorry!

Melanie said...

awesome job on the run... oooh, i hate the feeling in the shower from bra burn. You will do awesome in your run next weekend!

joyRuN said...

Sounds like you're doing great all around! Except for the bra burn though. OUCH!

Marcy said...

Great job on the run chica! Ow, ow, ow about bra burn! Thankfully I have yet to experience that LOL

Sherry said...

Camp WAS so much fun, Kim! You would have fit right in with all of us happy/cheery people. :o)

Definitely looking forward to seeing ya this weekend. I will try my very best not to hack up a phlegm ball on you. I just can't kick this raging cold!

I think I'll be with the 9mm pace group as well; unless I try to hold my own. I don't even have a CLUE as to what I'm capable of running. I rarely ever get a chance to run on fresh legs, so this will be a treat... then again, I have this cold. So, who knows!?!

One thing is for certain... I think it's going to be a warm, sticky morning! It's been feeling like summer around here lately. Argh... you know me....