Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thursday Run

This week has been busy between work, meetings and a sick little boy. Robby is back to feeling wonderfully full of life, but now I have his sore throat. Better me than him though!

After the Gasparilla 15K last weekend (you remember...the race I ran with RYAN HALL), the first chance I had to run was Thursday. I was still recovering for a few days anyway, but it felt like it had been FOREVA since I ran!

I met Reg at the gym at 9:30 and we picked the residential neighborhood with the nice paved road for our start. While we held a nice 9-9:30 pace we chatted about the race and the week. Both of us are very happy with that race. Reg's race photos came out AWESOME, mine make me look fat...blah!

Reg had a little visitor at the house he's renting for the winter here. It was a 5 foot long Black Racer snake. Yumminess. Reg was NOT pleased....LOL...I can't blame him. Those snakes eat Canadians!!!! HA!! He got it out of the house, but not before the snake whispered "I'll be back while you're sleeping." LOL..just kiddin'

Now Reg has a tv that's turning itself off and on at odd times...niiiiiice! I wonder what the ghost's name is..... It's safe to say Reg's visit to Florida has been eventful. I don't think he'll forget THIS particular visit. Not that I'd let him.

Anyway, we came out of the residential and decided to run the block too. We ran 5 miles in 44 minutes and walked back to the gym for the cool down. Very pleasant run, as usual. Reg is only here for 5 more weeks. I will miss him!! I am going to strive to pull off a 25 minute 5K before he leaves. How's that for being optimistic??


Melanie said...

Canadian eating snakes! Ummm, not sure i'll ever be able to visit you Kim! Yikes! LOL Hope it's a less busy week for you next week, and hope the sore throat goes away :)

Steven Cohen said...

The dude's going to be sunning it up for 5 more weeks, and you already miss him? Man, I can't even imagine 5 weeks in Florida, like in a decade! Wait, is the Canadian a lobster yet?

Oh, yeah, good run!

Marcy said...

Hmmm I'm not familiar with Black Racer snakes. Do they bite? HAHAHA

Melissa said...

I think I'm going to try to pull off walking up all four flights steps in the county courthouse sometime this month. One flight usually has me seeing stars.

Steven Cohen said...

Wait, you're coming up here to run 13 miles? I'll consider running that one! How cool would that be? As long as it's not a National Guard weekend...