Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Have Discovered...SWEAT!

First...thank you for all the support and emails, it means the world to me!! xoxo

I've been running (or attempting to) for 2.5 years now. Seems like it's more off than on but I am definately feeling soooo much better! My GI doctor said I have gastritis (too much acid) and I have meds for that. What a great feeling not to have stomach pain. It's almost gone! Totally ignorable...LOL. Doc told me he sees chronic dehydration EVERYDAY. He said it's a huge problem here in Florida, even in the winter because we still have the heat. A lot of people move here and never consider how much fluid they're losing. That's me. Moved here 7 years ago and I've loved every minute of it. I was not too active in Massachusetts. Ok, I was sedentary to be honest. So to move here and start running long distance spelled disaster for me.

It has taken me almost 4 weeks to get used to drinking fluids. I didn't realize how little I was taking in. Now I have a beverage in my hand ALL the time. I cut coffee back, barely drink beer anymore and now I go from water to gatorade to juice. At first I was running to the ladies room every 5 minutes but now I seem to have gotten used to it. And guess what?? I really do feel better! I was a little insulted at first that the doc didn't think I knew how to hydrate (HA) but I started thinking about it and realized I didn't drink before a run because of issues I was having. (bladder) and that I hate carrying a bottle or wearing a hydration belt. I love to feel free when I run and it's pretty tough to feel free with a few sloshing bottles strapped to my mid section. HATED THAT! Speaking of sloshing...I didn't like the feel of my stomach with water in it either. So I figured what's a few miles...I'll drink when I get back. WRONG.

Once you become dehydrated you can't just suck down a bottle of water or gatorade and think all is well. It's not. I learned I need to hydrate with about 21 oz THE DAY BEFORE, not just the morning of a run. Then after the run, you need gatorade AND water to BEGIN to replace what I've lost. Doesn't stop there. I need to continue to hydrate for the rest of the day. I NOWHERE NEAR was hydrating. Ever. No wonder I was sick. Sheesh.

For the last week I've been very slowly hitting the road. I started with 2 miles, stopping every quarter mile to drink (30 seconds) and stayed with that until I was getting 2 miles done in about 19 minutes. I also wanted to get used to drinking while running. Yesterday I ran 2 miles in 19:08 (?) about...so this morning I felt ready for 3 miles. It was 90 degrees and 87% humidity. Nothing I haven't run in before. But this time I was determined to incorporate the drinking. I still had to walk to drink but not for as long. I noticed the other day I was sweating unbelievably. I had never really sweated before. (good sign of dehydration right there) When I got home, sweat was just pouring off me. While I waited for the cool down before I showered, I couldn't believe how much sweat there was!!!!! I am thrilled to know I am hydrating properly now.

My legs feel great, barely even a cramp and that's probably just normal from running. No headache either. I think I'm ready for the County Line 5K this weekend. I'll probably be nowhere near my PR but that's ok. I'm back!!!


Steven Cohen said...

Congratulations on sweating! Sounds strange, no? Keep hydrating and enjoying!

Danielle said...

Yeah! I'm going to go fill my water bottle now.

KimsRunning said...

It is VERY strange! I didn't believe it at first but as I tried to drink more fluids I realized I never did hydrate at all. Living in Florida, you can lose fluids just sitting outside! I feel really good now, better than I have in years!!!

Regina said...

this is a good lesson for everyone with summer heat coming on. HYDRATE. Glad you are feeling so good. It makes life so much easier and pleasanter.

Sherry said...

Mwahahahaha! Welcome to my stinky, nasty, crusty, sweaty world!

Seriously, I'm so glad that you're OK, Kim. This is just such good news and I can't wait to hug you in person!

Yep, I'm never, ever without a water bottle in hand. If my run is longer than 1 hour outdoors, I wear a Camelbak. If it's shorter than that, I wear a handheld that I slip a 24oz bottle into (and I finish every drop and then some). Even with all of that, I still battle with dehydration, but I think slight dehydration is a very common problem with Florida athletes. Just keep monitoring your pee. You want it a very, very pale lemonade color. :o)

Good luck at the County Line 5K this weekend. As soon as FL 70.3 is over, I'm going to start joining you at the local races. :o)


Mel-2nd Chances said...

YAY! Glad you're back, and sweating!! heehee. Have a great time at the 5k!