Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Couple Training Runs

The marathon is so close! I'm very excited, kinda worried. Jim gave me the last part of my training instructions yesterday. Today I was supposed to run for an hour. It was a practice that had me running for 9 minutes, walking while hydrating/gel pack for 1 minute. So I hit my stopwatch at the starting point and started off very slow.

I went out 30 minutes, turned and came back. When I got to the place I'd begun I hit my stopwatch. 45:52. Doesn't make any sense. I ran faster on the last half?? The only thing I can think of, is that I've been training for this marathon since the first time my feet hit the pavement back in October, and Jim has trained me to conserve energy in the beginning. That way I have something left for the last leg of every run. So I'm used to speeding up when I know I'm almost done. I really thought I was keeping a steady pace. I went out and drove the loop I ran and it was exactly 4 miles.

I'll mention it to Jim tomorrow.

The run felt great, I was very hot (88 degrees out today) but overall I felt terrific. No achilles pain and the gatorade/gel pack combo didn't bother my stomach. I didn't drink the whole pack though. A little more than half. I did notice I seemed to sweat more today, I don't know if it was because I was properly hydrated this time or because it was so hot out. I don't usually drink during a short run like that. But anyway I feel great.

Tomorrow I have yoga and elliptical training. Not sure the extent of that yet, Jim will let me know after yoga. Thursday I have core exercise class, not sure what else. Friday I'll run with the YMCA Runner's Club. It's supposed to be a light easy run, but I'd LOVE to see how fast I can do it. Depends on who runs with me. If it's Jim, he'll reign me in...if it's Mike, he'll make me fly.....lol.

Saturday is rest day. Rest from training anyway. My son Robby has his Pinewood Derby race in the morning, then we'll take him to lunch. We have a hotel for the night before the marathon, so we'll head out for that once everyone is settled in.

I am very excited!!


Claire said...

I found your blog through a Google search and read all the way back to the beginning. You have an awesome story! Your marathon's really close now, and I'm going to be checking back to see how it goes. I've always wanted to do a marathon; I'm training for a half now, but I keep thinking that maybe I'll do a whole next...good luck!!! :)

Sherry said...

Kim! I just wanted to wish you the very BEST of luck on Sunday! I can't wait to read your post-race report... you need to have your family take some pictures too! Enjoy your day! You've put in a lot of hard work and have gone through so much (can we say, 'dog bite'?) to get where you are. Stay strong! Dig Deep!

Kim said...

Thank you! I'm glad you found it! When is your half and where? I went to your blog but I couldn't post....I'll try again when I have a few minutes.

Thanks Girl!! I'm so excited! I wish you were running too. We'll have to do one together. I'm definately planning a half soon. I'll check and see when the next one is in our area.

My husband is going to video from the starting line, then again at the finish. I'll have some pictures, I'm sure!!!

LOL @ dogbite!!!!!!