Friday, February 29, 2008

Last day of training.....

I went to the gym this morning for my "on-the-ball" core exercise class. I think Jim made it a little tough on purpose!!! Haha!!! After the class I ran with the Runner's Club. Mike, his son, another man and I did an easy 2 miles. I left my watch at home so I'd concentrate on leisurely pacing myself. It was pretty windy and we ran against the wind going out. It was a nice fun run. Bratty Mike took off on me, I think he was testing my ability to stay on pace no matter what. That's ok Mike, I will out run you someday. xoxoxo.....LOL (show off!!!)

I'm going to pick up my packet tonight. My son has Pinewood Derby races tomorrow and my daughter has a birthday party to go to, it'll be easier to grab it tonight. Tomorrow night my husband and I will go to dinner and stay at a hotel near the starting line. I'm looking forward to spending a quiet, relaxing evening with my husband.

I plan on waking up at 3am, do some yoga and stretching. I can't decide what to bring to eat in the morning....I know it won't be a mexican omlette!!! (love those)

My husband will video the start, take a few pictures then shoot home to get the kids. I'm hoping to finish in 5 hours so they'll meet me at the finish line around 11am (I'm hoping....LOL) I'll post the video and pictures here as soon as I can. I know I won't be walking too far from home Sunday night!!!

I'm having some funky emotions today. I feel so weird. Reminds me of when I went into labor. I remember being excited to be done with being pregnant but scared of labor. I knew it would be a long and painful process, but so worth it in the end. I remember concentrating on holding that tiny little person I'd been waiting to see, just wanting to kiss and love him or her. Of course having my kids was a much more important event, but the emotional ups and downs seem the same. For the marathon, training is what I've been doing for 5 months. Now it's time to see it to the end. There won't be a precious baby for me at the finish line, but a sense of accomplishment will be there. My friends and family will be there. I'll go through the labor of completing my goal (with no epidural!!) My prize at the end will be knowing I started something that was important to me and saw it to the end. I found a great sport that I really enjoy, I've met some new friends who I've come to care about and I feel healthier than I have in a long time!

I'm going to take it easy tonight and tomorrow. Save the energy for the big race. I'm very excited!!!


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