Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day Four Post Marathon

Well, it's been 4 days since the marathon. I am walking but still pretty sore thanks to that muscle I pulled. I went to my yoga class yesterday (Wed) and was able to do all the stretches. I actually saw a lot of improvement on my walking abilities after the class. Unfortunately, I had to work last night 5-midnight so I'm sore all over again this morning. I may skip the gym and just do some yoga on my own. I have an exercise class tomorrow anyway.

Jim says not to run for a couple weeks. The muscles need to repair. I'm in no position to even run down the street yet, but when I am, I'll be at the track doing some speed work. I'd love to finish a 5K in under 30 minutes for once! I'm aiming for a 27 minute 5K. That should also help my endurance and help me beat my 5:33:38 marathon time.

My next marathon is Oct 26, 2008. It's in Falmouth, Ma....I lived there before moving to Florida so I'm looking forward to that! It's the closest I'll probably get to the Boston marathon.....LOL... My sis-in-law, Michelle lives in Mass and is a runner also. I left her a message about the Cape Cod marathon hoping to get her to run with me but haven't heard back yet. Michelle, if you're reading this...c'mon sista....let's do it!!!!! It's 5 months away!!!

My next goal is the "Body For Life" challenge. You sign up, send in a photo of yourself in a bikini (UGH) and follow the program. It's a 12 week, no fat diet with a high cardio workout. This will tie in beautifully with my running. I'm looking forward to having a hot body at 42 years old! I will absolutely NOT be posting my "before" photo until I can post my "after" for obvious reasons. Number one being there MAY be 1 or 2 of you out there who think I'm already "hot" now. I'd hate to prove you wrong by posting THAT.....LOL

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Kurt said...

I am not sure you need a couple of weeks but generally a week is sufficient and then you ease back into the running after that. Everyone is different and we all recover differently.