Friday, March 7, 2008

Post Marathon Random Thoughts.......

I'm more tired today than I have been all week. I wonder if it took this long for the endorphins and adrenalin to wear off. Unfortunately I have to work tonight, so no naps for me!

I have a hip flexor injury (Sherry, you were right girlfriend) So ice and warmth with some Aleve is what I'm doing for that. I can't run for a couple more weeks anyway. Good chance to mend that injury. Other than that, the backs of my knees are a little sore, nothing I can't ignore.

I'm looking forward to some speed work. I've been checking out the sprinting shoes today. Some of them are so cute! I have heard they're not allowed on some tracks though, so I need to do a little research on that.

I found out Katie Holmes ran her NY marathon 2 minutes faster than I did! I got a little kick out of that. She ran BRALESS! Geez, sometimes I wear TWO....I can't imagine that. Seems crazy.

I learned yesterday the first woman who finished the Grouper Run has been disqualified for taking a one mile short cut! At first I sympathised with her because I got off track 3 times myself, but I've since found out the elites follow a pacer. But isn't it possible she may have gotten ahead of the pacer? I don't know....I hate to think she did it on purpose. For now, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I did my core exercise class this morning, it was tougher than usual, because of the flexor injury. I love the group though, so it was nice to see everyone. My coach, Jim, runs that class. I wore my marathon shirt to it and he thought it was a cool shirt. I told him I'd trade him his next CD for it!!! Haha!! For those who didn't notice the music link to the right here, (see the cowboy) that is my coach. He's working on his next CD and I saw the opportunity to get my hands on it early by trading my marathon shirt! Smart girl, I am. For those of you who do not have a cool marathon shirt to trade, his CD will be available through iTunes. Not sure when, but I'll post it when I find out.

There have been almost 1,000 visits to this blog, which I started at the end of January. I am touched and pleased that so many people have popped in for a visit! Hopefully it's not just one person visiting 200 times a seriously, thank you to all of you who have been in here. It means more to me than I can say.

Have a wonderful weekend, run hard! (I don't know why runners say that to each other, but it sounds so cool, huh??? LOL

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Sherry said...

LOL! I hope I'm not that one person who visits 200 times a day!

I'm so sorry to learn that it's definitely a hip flexor injury that's causing your pain. I can totally relate to that feeling. I recovered from my strain to the area rather quickly after I had the therapy done it. My glute still bothers me though, but it's well enough to allow me to run.

Did you happen to read my most recent blog? I had quite a craptastic experience yesterday! I'm actually not sure now if it was true 'Runner's Trots' or if I had a touch of something b/c I woke up not feeling well this morning either. Whatever it was seems to have passed though; however, it's still an unscheduled rest day for me today.

Hope you have a terrific weekend! Take good care of yourself and keep that heating pad on. I practically live with mine attached to my hip/glute! LOL!