Monday, March 31, 2008

Still No Running =(

I don't know how much longer I can stand this. Someone mentioned a cortizone shot and I thought that might be the ticket, but I asked Jim this morning about them. He said it just takes away the pain. That's no good, because I'm planning on some serious speed/hill training. I'll wind up hurting it worse. It would be like bashing your numb hand with a hammer. Would it hurt? No. Would that stop the damage? No again.

So I guess I need to learn a little patience. That's something I have never had. I open presents on Christmas Eve and rewrap them before anyone finds out. I search for birthday gifts like a 9 year old child. I don't play any games I have to wait my turn for. I can honestly tell you, patience is NOT my best quality. It's not one of my qualities at all. Yeah....whatever.

I do have a slight problem. I can't think of a single hill here in Florida. Can you?? Maybe the bridge in Sarasota, but I don't see me heading out that way 4 times a week. Maybe I could run the beaches. That's supposed to be a workout and a half. But I'd just lay in the sand, I know me. I love the beach. Maybe the stairmaster??? GOD, I will hate that thing. Safe to say I most likely will avoid that particular machine. If the pool were not so flipping freezing I could do some stuff in there. Like float around on the raft with a beer and a book....HA!! Too bad I'm serious.

Well ya know what? My kids and husband are home this week. I will plan on going to the gym early and doing my regular stuff this week. Like a little break I guess. I'll pretend I WANT a break from running. I'll trick my mind a little.

So did I mention I ordered up some spikes???? I went left-wing and got a pretty bluish-purple color. Okay, so I couldn't get the pink in my size, but these have pretty flowers on them. And I can always spray paint them pink, right? No? We'll see. So much for tricking my mind, huh.

I'll just admit it, I want to run.

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Sherry said...

Awww... Kim! I feel so badly for you. Have you thought about doing some aqua jogging in the meantime to maintain your cardiovascular endurance? Meilus Muscular Therapy helped me a lot. I don't know if it would aid with your exact issue, but it might be worth checking into. I have a link to it somewhere in one of my blog posts. The session costs $150 to 1 hr. and 30 minutes. The guy is in Sarasota.

Natural hill work... Florida... problem. My hills = back and forth over the Peace River Bridge. I did 6 miles on the bridge last week and it seemed to produce the same sort of feeling that I had when I was running in hilly TN a few weeks back. The downslope of the bridge got the best of me at one point and like a bad girl, I sprinted it out! My watch said that I maxed out at a 5:55 pace! LOL! Like I could EVER run that fast on flat ground. The beauty of the hill.

All of the that being said, I did my longest continuous run ever yesterday (8 miles) and broke the cardinal 10% rule... which got me sore knees. Thankfully, today is a no-impact swim day. :o)