Friday, April 4, 2008

YMCA Runners Club Report

That sounds so impressive, huh? Like there were 20 people running this It was just me and Coach Jim, but it was a great run. I have had a hip flexor injury since the marathon almost 5 weeks ago. I have attempted to run twice, the first time went well, but then I was hurting again. The second time I couldn't even run more than 5 steps. I wanted to run last Wed but Jim said to wait. I'm so glad I listen to him, he was right AGAIN.

So....I took my core exercise class this morning at 9am. I love that class. Got me all stretched out and ready. OH...the new running shoes I got were not very comfy, I mentioned this to Jim the other day and he looked at them. Come to find out....they are for people who hit the ground heel first. I'm a nuetral runner and so those shoes were not right for me. He pointed out the extra lift at the heel and no gel at the inside ball of the foot. Hmmmmm.....made me wonder if that had any effect on my running lately. Or lack thereof. Jim advised me to wear my old faithfuls for today's run, and I did.

HUGE difference. I felt the initial tenderness, nothing too bad, but I noticed right away the pain on lift off and impact was gone. I'm thinking that the flexor was irritated by my feet not hitting the pavement correctly. I am expecting my new Asics Gel Stratus in a couple days. YAY!

We started off slow and steady, my muscle felt better and better with every step. My happiness level rose right along with it! We did the walk/run, staying at about a 9-9.5 mm pace. We decided on a 3 mile run. Today's quote was "Retain The Improvement". Which just means "Don't Over Do It And Screw Up The Future Of Your Running, Kim". Yeah, see?? I can read between the lines.

On the run back, I was introduced to a little something special. It's called a "fartlek". Pronounced "fahlek" The "T" is silent, didn'tcha know??? Here's what happened....a man ran past us (as if we were running slow) and I jokingly sped up and passed him (being a smarty-pants) and then slowed back down. Jim said that was a "fahlek". Hmm....seemed interesting. He said people use the technique for speed training. Hmmmm, even MORE interesting. So we gave that a shot. You run a normal pace for about 5 minutes, then do a full out sprint for a very short distance, like 50 feet. I LOVED IT! I felt like a rebel because I've been holding back, keeping a 10 mm pace for the marathon training. It felt spectacular and I can't wait to do it again!!! I feel excited about the speed training, I wanted to start Monday but that "quote for the day" kept popping into my head. You know...."Retain The Improvement". So I'll see how I feel Monday....HA!! Just kidding!!! I'll give it another week. But then I'm OFF!!!!

I'm still doing the happy dance. I'm so happy. Sherry....ready for a run girlfriend?????


Nitmos said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Fartleks are my favorite workout and really help with speed conditioning. Also, very funny to say (the incorrect way) which is a real added bonus.

Sherry said...

I LOVE doing Fartlek runs! I change up the way I do them each week too, so it never, ever gets boring!