Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Count Down To Minnie Mouse 15K

We leave for Disney Friday afternoon. I have runner's club at the YMCA on Fridays and HATE to miss it. Luckily my husband cycles so he wants to get a good ride in before we sit in the car for 3 hours. With 2 kids. Who are very excited to go to Disney. Ooooohhhhh, can you say "are we there yet" 4 million times????? UGH.....Anyway, we plan on leaving around 1pm.

My hips are a tiny bit sore today. I did run a little faster yesterday to make up for my wandering pace (or no pace). Although I did go up on some weights at the gym too. I can do 120 lbs on that machine you sit and push back on with lower back and legs. Up to 115 on the abductor. I also did 30 minutes of hills on the bike before I ran yesterday. Maybe my hips are sore from those exercises. I can't seem to get stronger on upper body though. It's driving me crazy.

I'd planned on doing a 3 mile run this afternoon just to see how fast I could do it but I was in a meeting that went on foreverrrr. 10am to 1pm. So I was starving and I have to work at 5pm. No run today.

I'm also running a 5K called "Smile Train 5K" on May 10th. Proceeds go to kids with cleft palet. My friend Ed is running that one too. I jokingly told him I'd race him, but he's a fast runner. He beats me by 15 minutes and he has a knee injury. Illeo-something band injury. Still fast. Maybe I'll bring him a cheesecake before the race. He loves cheesecake....that might slow him

Off to do some housework....does it ever end???????


Nitmos said...

Try driving those kids from Michigan to Orlando for 20 hours worth of "are we there yets?". We've taen to flying. No matter the cost.

Good luck with Minnie!

Sherry said...

Soooo excited for you! Hope you are up there having a great time!!!

Can't wait for the post-race report AND pictures!!!!