Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Had A Nice Little Run Today

I wanted to run a 5 miler today, but I woke up not feelin' it. I lounged around the house (if you call laundry, dishes and coloring my hair LOUNGING)....then decided to go to the gym for inspiration. I walked in, it was basically empty. Mike was supposed to be there but was not. I found Jim but he was busy. So I hopped on the bike for a quickie.

Within about 5 minutes I was feeling a spark of energy. I glanced to my right and looked out the door....I felt the pull....I finished the 30 minute hill workout and went home to run my route. I hadn't run it since before the marathon. I remembered Non-Runner Nancy's picture tour of her run, she gave me permission to copy her, so I grabbed my camera and headed out. Bye house!

.......HAPPY FEET.......

As you can see, it's long and flat. No hills here in florida. it was about 85 degrees and kinda humid but breezy. Perfect for me! No one was out today though, I was a little lonely....I love when I see the people who are usually out and about, but not today.

I started with a slow jog, letting my flexor get into the swing. I decided to do a 4 miler since I knew I'd be stopping to take some pictures along the way. I felt happy to be out on my route again.

The picture above is where I was bitten by that dog back in January. The house way over on the right is where the dog came from. The bushes to the left is where the man with no shirt and a gray beard down to his big belly came running out when I started screaming my bloody head off. Nice man. He stayed with me until my husband came.

Little Salt Spring is one of those sinkholes. It's pretty deep and the archeologists have divers that go down once a year. They've found all kinds of cool stuff in there. Google it, it's very interesting. This is so beautiful. In the early mornings the dew shows up all the spider webs in the branches of these trees. There is a wire fence that is hidden but the webs are all over this fence. It's very interesting and I usually have to stop and look real close for the spiders. Funny thing is, I'm petrified of spiders! They are still interesting though.Kinda like this dead grasshopper. Huge, isn't it?? Gives you an idea how big the spiders are that eat 'em, huh? Yeah...like in a movie! The wood or wolf spiders are as big as my hand. And they come in the house when it rains. My 9 yr old son saw one on his ceiling once and it took us 2 weeks to get him to sleep in his bunk bed again. HA!
I ran through this soccer field because I noticed a bubbler (water fountain to you non-Bostonians) as I was driving by the other day. I hate running on the grass, but I did it for a drink! And guess what..... Looked a little questionable from there. Check it out close up!

Oh yeah! Out of commission! This meant I'd be stopping at my work down the street, which is my 2 mile marker. I got there and ran in for some water. My friend Cheryl's husband was sitting there so I sat and talked with him for about 30-40 minutes. Talk about a leisurely 4 mile run....LOL...but that's how I roll...I enjoy running and I stop to smell the flowers (and look for spiders) along the way. I also forgot to time myself (as usual). I recently told my coach I didn't think I was a true runner because of this. He said I am, that I just let myself enjoy it. And i am enjoying it!
Here's another spot I tend to slow to a walk to look at. I haven't seen a crock in there yet, but I know they're in there.
This bridge is for the golfers. Florida has a huge amount of people who golf. I do not golf. I think I may have mentioned the fact that I can't play games where I have to wait my turn. I'm a little imature like that.
Just to give you an idea how flat Florida is......

More gator territory....someday I'll see one and probably pee my pants!
More beauty....you can see the fence where the spider webs are from this view.
Home Sweet Home
My marathon sticker on the back window of my car.

My cool, brand new Asics! Love 'em!!!! Not real sure why I took this one, but there it is! Hope you enjoyed my little wanderings...now you know why I have no idea how fast I could be. I forget my watch most of the time, when I do bring it, I forget to set the timer. I stop and look at everything as if I've never seen any of it before, and I never hestitate to stop for a chat with neighbors and friends.

I REALLY have to get my act together. Did I tell you I'm running the Minnie Mouse 15K on Sunday????? That should be a blast. Imagine all the things to see on THAT race!


Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Your run route pictures are great, Kim! I really enjoyed them. I had no idea about Little Salt Spring, so like you suggested, I googled it! Neat-o! Did you know that FL has more sinkholes than any other state? We may become Aqua Joggers by necessity if that keeps up! LOL!

Just North of Ocala there are two sinkholes open for public diving: Devil's Den & Blue Grotto. Scott and I dove both a few years back. What a totally cool experience! It's neat that we have that kind of stuff here in FL.

It sounds like you had a really nice run. I don't do enough of those runs where I just stop and smell the flowers. I'm making a mental note now to do MORE!

Early wishes on your Minnie 15K!! I'm rooting for ya!

Nitmos said...

Good luck with the Minnie! Take some pictures there too.

Thanks for the tour. You mentioned divers are always finding things in Little Salt Spring. Any sign of Jommy Hoffa? Here in Michigan, folks have been searching for him for 40 years.

Kurt said...

Nice pictures. I hope you see a gator or two. No croc's where you live though. When I was living in NC we would see them all the time. They we avoided.

Golf sucks by the way!