Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Am Running Again!

Yahoo for me! I am so happy! Monday I ran 3.7 miles with my coach. We took it easy between my flexor and his quads, but it was a great run. I skipped yesterday (like a good grasshopper) and daydreamed all day about running 6 miles today. But I wasn't feeling too good. I have some upper respiratory thing going on. So staying true to myself, I said...."I'm a goin' anyway". I started off with yoga this morning, got nice and stretched out and out the door I went.

Now, I was doing a 6 mile loop. From the gym to my house is exactly 3 miles. I figured I'd leave the car there, run to my house, hydrate, then run back to the gym. That way I could hop on the elliptical or bike for a nice cool down. So guess what happened. As I was walking out the door to start the 2nd 3 miles (finished the 1st 3 in 32 minutes BTW), the phone rings. It's the school (thankfully, I answered) my Emily (she's my 10 year old) was sick and needed to be picked up. So guess where my car was. Yeah...3 miles away at the gym. Welcome to MY Luckily the whole school knows I run (my son tells everyone he sees) so when I explained to the nurse I needed a few minutes, she understood.

I was coughing by this point and my chest burned like I had run in 50 degree weather. Which, if you know me personally, you know I only needed to do THAT once. Back in November I ran 2 miles in 50 degrees. Took me 3 days to defrost my chest. I will never run in the cold again. Good thing I live in Florida. So anyway, back to the story.

I booked it out the door and down the street. I ran faster than usual figuring I'd just walk when I had to. Funny thing happened. I ran that mile in just under 8 minutes. Then I walked until my chest stopped freaking out and did it again. I tried to keep that up, it was pretty difficult. I felt light-headed a few times but I had a sick punkin waiting for me. By the time I got a half mile from the gym I was ready to hitch a ride. But I'm a wicked chicken and did not do that. I walked the last 1/2 mile. Coughing and light-headed. I didn't mind the light-headednes though....haha!! My total time for the 2nd 3 miles was 31 minutes. First 3 miles was 32 minutes. This proves 2 things to me....

1. My coach is right when he says you do not lose much time by walking when you need to.
2. I think I have a good chance of shaving my 5K time rather quickly.

I feel fine, flexor is a tiny bit tender and I am a very happy person right now. I'm not coughing too much now either. I have been training for endurance for so long that it felt so wrong to push myself today. My mantra has been "slow and steady wins the race" since the first time my feet hit the pavement. Any time I started to feel winded I have walked it out. But the marathon is over. I am free to test myself. I thought I had, but today when I was rushing to get back to my daughter I kept pushing through the weakness and light-headedness from the difficulty breathing. Emily was my goal.

I have my little one all tucked in her bed, tylenol administered, iPod beside her (she's a music fanatic like her Mom). She's looking quite happy (and healthy I might add). Sometimes even kids need some time off. She didn't need to fake a headache, but let's not tell her that part. Love that kid....


Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by :-)

"my chest burned like I had run in 50 degree weather"

Awwhhh come on! 50 degree weather is perfect for running LOL

Nitmos said...

About 70% of my yearly running is done under 50 degrees!! I hate cold weather running to but what can you do in Michigan?

Nice run...building some good speed. Perhaps pre-race you should be informed of a sick child at the end to spur you on?

Thanks for the encouragement in my race. Sure appreciate it!

Sherry said...

Aw Kim... I hope Emily is feeling better! It's amazing what adrenaline will help us to do... you had some fantastic times for just getting back into the swing of things. I agree. I think you'll shave down your 5K time rather quickly. :o)

Now... what's this about not running in well in our "Florida" winter. Here I am in my blog constantly complaining about how darn hot and humid it is... longing for 50F days and you love the heat! LOL! Go figure!

Sherry said...

Hey Kim!

I AM excited! :o) Scott asked me the other day if I was nervous and he was surprised when I told him, "not a bit." I'll probably be nervous for all of the tris that I do 'after' this first one, but right now, I'm just excited!

Nope. I don't have any 5Ks or other races planned before May 11th. I am planning on swimming the Freedom Swim across the harbor on July 4th and then I have another tri in Sebring on July 13th.

The Minnie 15k is coming up this weekend, isn't it? Are YOU nervous/excited?? It sounds like it will be a REALLY great race!