Monday, April 21, 2008

Boston Marathon Day!

I saw some of the Boston Marathon while I was at the gym this morning. It was so exciting to watch the women going neck and neck for so long! A few blogger friends ran it too. Nitmos finished in 3:59:03! Wow, awesome run Nitmos!! Hugs to you!! And hurry up and post a detailed race report, I'm DYING!

After the first woman crossed the finish line, I took a run with my coach, Jim. I was so fired up from watching the marathon. I think we did a 5k in about 44 minutes. Pretty slow, but a great workout considering my flexor and Jim's quads. His were a little achy from a run he did on a rubber kind of track. I went a little easy for him. And if you believe THAT I have a bridge I'd like to sell ya. I feel fantastic and ready to train for the Minnie 15K. Jim predicts a 1:40 finish, which means I need to come in under that. It's a psychological game we play. He throws out a time, I endeavor to beat it.
So I'm thinking of buying a Minnie Mouse costume to run the race in. Kinda goofy, huh? (no pun intended) I figure no one knows me there anyway, so why not?? If I do decide to wear it, I'll post a pic here. Maybe. I think I'll check out some pictures from last year's run, see if anyone else did that. I have heard this is the last year Disney will hold the Minnie 15K. I'm very glad I am running it. My husband and the kids are excited to spend the weekend there too. We'll have a great time no matter what!

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