Saturday, April 19, 2008

Myakka 10K Race

Ivolunteered for this race. I knew I couldn't run it but I wanted to have the opportunity to see everyone. I had a great time, I knew I would. Ed and Joan Morgan were there, they are very special people. (pictured here with me in their Zoomer t-shirts) Bob and Carol Gueyer were there too, also pretty special. I saw Yuli (bib number 82) for the first time since the Sarasota Marathon, LOVE HER! I even saw a woman I ran with at the Sarasota Marathon! I thought I recognised her so I ran over to find out. Her name is Carol and she remembered me too. Today was her 70th birthday! (Carol and Ellen are in the picture with bib number 70) She looks 55, no kidding! I met her friend Ellen who is running the Minnie 15K at Disney may 4th. I'll be looking for her there. Cynthia is running it too (forget her last name!) Might meet her for dinner while we're there. My coach's wife ran today too. (bib number 92) Bethany always wins. Today was no exception. She's fast. The scary thing is, I need to be as fast as her to qualify for Boston, so when I see her I kinda lose But only when I'm actually looking at her, as soon as she's gone I go back to thinking I can actually pull it off....HA!

I also met a woman named Jen who came up and asked me if I was the Kim with the blog. I was so surprised. (Hi Jen, if you're reading this...heehee) Jen was there with her husband, first time I met them. She said she's been reading for a while now, I was and am, very happy to meet someone that actually comes in here! Sometimes I forget this little journal of mine is out there. I started it to keep track of my training and it's become a pretty big part of me. Jen, it really meant a lot to me to meet you today and I hope to see you again at future races. I should have asked you if you were doing the Minnie 15K at Disney!! (so are ya???)

103 people ran the race today. I wish I could have run it, even though I don't really like trails. 95% of the time I was just happy to be a part of it, the other 5% gave me a pang of yearning. I am mentally more than ready for a race, physically I knew there was no way. I feel good about cheering on my fellow runners, I feel good about being smart enough to know I wasn't ready for this race. I met some new friends, visited with some old ones and enjoyed the day. All is good.

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Sherry said...

Awesome post-race report! I love all the pics. I wanted to run this race, but it was the same weekend as my husband's Firefighter Combat Challenge was "supposed" to be. Of course, due to his accident we never made it the challenge and I opted to play nurse instead... which is MUCH more fun in so many ways. :o) So... perhaps next year!!

That is SO cool that you met someone who reads your blog! Jen, oh, jen... come out, come out wherever you are! We locals needs to keep in touch. :o)

Hugs to you, Kim!