Thursday, April 10, 2008

Running, yes or no

I went for a run yesterday in my neighborhood. My flexor was bothering me from wearing heels the day before but I honestly didn't think it would be a problem. Well, it was a problem. I knew it before I left my driveway. I also slept in a weird position and had a crick in my back between my shoulder blades. I tried working that out in yoga but it didn't help it. So I did what I usually do when I feel pain: pretended I didn't feel it. Yeah, it's a gift of mine.

I set off down the road anyway, hip hurting, right arm/shoulder blade vying for 1st place on the pain-o-meter. I turned up my iPod (like THAT would drown out my moans) at least I couldn't hear myself. Then I got irritated and tried a "frolic" (that's what I've decided to call those fartleks....I don't really feel womanly saying that word)....(in fact, I need to go take another shower now for even typing the letter sequence) Anyyyywayyyyy....I attempted a full out "frolic". I thought I might have sounded like the man who ran up behind me in a 5K once. His feet hit the pavement so hard as he came up on me, I thought it was a group of kids! I pulled way over to the right to let "them all" pass me only to see one man go by. First thing that came to mind was early on in my "running career" (ok, so it was only 5 months ago) Jim was explaining to me how my feet should land and the sound they should make while hitting the pavement. There's a whole science to it. Not surprisingly, Jim knows it. He's like a running scientist. He can put a scientific spin on anything that has to do with running. I'm gonna start calling him my science teacher instead of my coach. He would not have liked the sound this man's sneakers were making as he was running. And for the record, I passed AND beat him to the finish line before anyone can even think this man's method was working. Not judging....just saying.

But I digress...back to ME since this is my blog and I can write whatever I feel like writing. I think I like having a blog for the same reason I like running. It's mine, I can do it when I feel like it, stop when I don't and I'm the boss of me...might even call me the CAPTAIN, which is kinda like, but not quite the same as "master of my domain" HAHA...that was for all you Seinfeld fans!

Ok, back to my run. I tried to frolic but it hurt too much. I walked a ways hoping against hope the pain would just go away. It did not. Apparently, it didn't know I was the boss of me. I walked around the block and went home. Kerri was surprised to see me back so soon. I was mad. She cheered me up. And that was when I saw it. The big brown truck! It's like Santa's sled and it pulled up to my house. Oh new Asics were here! They're so pretty! They're Gel Stratus (I can tell you what I wear, unlike SOMEONE ELSE who's keeping his brand a big huge secret....(RAZZDOODLE)...HA

I haven't run in them yet. I had an interview this afternoon and a bunch of errands to run so I did my hair and makeup. I have to work at 5 and don't feel like redoing everything so I'm awaitin' Friday's running club instead.

I have some Body For Life updates, but I have to go for now. I just got called into work early.

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Nitmos said...

Running pain is like the just keeps going around. Run up to another runner and touch them. See if it passes on and leaves you alone. I'm not all sciencey or anything though.