Monday, May 12, 2008

Shaving My 5K....

As I have already posted, I ran a 5K last weekend for kids with cleft palates. It was called The Smile Train and it raised $3000. It only takes $250 per child, so it will help 12 kids. I feel so good about that. Some of you may know I have a child who received a liver transplant when she was a year old. She'll be 22 in July!!! Over the years of spending so much time in New England Med Center in Boston, we saw many, many kids who needed so much. It was both heart breaking and a gift to have met all of them and their families. This race was a special one.

I went back and looked up all my 5K times (and one 4 miler)...

45:48...4 miler...Scholorship Run on Dec '07
31:05...Resolution run 5K in Jan '08
30:52...5K Lamarque Feb '08
30:50...5K Boca Grande Feb '08
29:04...5K Smile Train May '08 (my new PR....for now)

They SLIGHTLY get better each time, and I'm HAPPY with that, BUT...all of a sudden I'm feeling a whole lot of ambition to really make a difference on the next one. I have some speed training coming and I'm going to make the best of it!!

My coach, Jim, is starting a training program for a half marathon coming up in September. My two older daughters are signing up and I thought it would be AWESOME to go through the training with them. I'm so excited by this. I ask them everyday if they're really going to do it. They keep saying "Yes Mom"....LOL. They're even getting some matching Asics....YAY!!!! They don't know it yet but we're going to wear matching outfits too.....heehee. This is starting in June. I think it will help my speed too.

My friend Sherry has posted her FANTASTIC tri results here Check out her exciting post!! We're all so very proud of you Sherry!!! And here's to Scott's speedy recovery so he can get back into it with you.

My coach is also a very talented singer/songwriter. One of my favorite songs is called "Destiny" and he let me make a little video for it on youtube. Go check that out here I had a lot of fun making it, let me know what you think! It's about making choices, taking roads that lead to great things. Good song to run to and reflect with.

Happy running!!!


Vanilla said...

The speed training will help you a lot. Congrats on getting down to the sub 30 range.

Sherry said...

Kim, I was so happy to read about your PR in your post below! I think the fact that you have been able to steadily shave your time down while battling in an injury is a testament to your natural running ability! I agree with Vanilla, once you start doing some speed training I think you're going to see your time start to roll off in 30 to 45 seconds chunks... maybe more!

Thank you SO much for the race shout-out in your blog! It meant a lot to me. I've been running through the event over and over again in my head all day. I'm sure you did the same thing after your marathon. The feeling is so unbelievable!!!

Congrats again!!!

Nitmos said...

I bet you are capable of 9 min miles and a sub 28 5k after a few months of speed training. PLus, the speedy half marathon training will only help your full marathon pace. Good luck!