Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tempo Run

I went to the gym last night for a yoga class. I missed it by 30 minutes, my life story. But got me out of the house right after dinner time. That's a busy time of day at my house and I was more than happy to use yoga as an excuse to leave the dishes. Not that I need an excuse. I do it all the time. In fact....I decided they could wait until this morning, only I had to run out at 9am for a gym class with 2 meetings right after. I was going to clean up after the meetings but I was invited to lunch with some of my runner friends. So I went. I'm still full from that Philly cheesesteak. I'm glad I skipped helping Ed finish off his fries. When I got home the landscaper guy was waiting (working on a little surprise for my husband for Father's Day... Shhhhhhhhhh)

I couldn't let him in my house because of the dishes, so I guess I got punished for slacking....haha! Like I care....ANYWAY.....

Back to last night. My husband wanted to go for a bike ride but I won the "first out" because I had a scheduled yoga class. So he had to stay home with the kids and I pranced out the door....heehee

I met Michelle at the gym and we chatted for about 40 minutes. She's the one who told me I missed the class. I felt a twinge of guilt when I thought about Bobby pacing back and forth waiting for his turn, kids leaving a mess from dinner, dishes in the sink....but the twinge passed faster than a cramp in my calf. Out the back door of the gym I went, not a care in the world...lalalalaaaaaa

As I set up my iPod I decided to run the 3 miles home and have Bobby bring me back later to get my car. Then I thought I'd just do a 4 mile loopy. I started out at a slow pace, warming up when I felt a burst of energy. I decided to do some of those "frolics" I love so much. I ran as fast as I could for the length of the fence. I know most of you don't know how far that is, sorry, just know it's like....from here to there. Just about a telephone pole to pole distance. When I was out of breath I ran slow. I ran that way the first mile and was surprised to see it took me 7:38. Two songs. I turned around and ran the mile back to the gym the same way. That was 8:42. Two songs again, but the songs were longer than the 1st 2. (Still with me?)

As I walked to my car my coach was walking through the parking lot so I told (yelled across more like it) him what I just did. He said that's called a "tempo run". Hmmm....never heard of those but I like 'em. Left me feeling like I had a workout in a very short time. Invigorating.

As I was driving back home I passed a HOT biker. I looked again and saw that it was my husband. Man I love those bike shorts. I pulled over, he turned around and I ran back to him. We smooched in the street, both of us a little sweaty, kinda romantic. Then I asked him where he stashed the kids. My 19 yr old came home so she was with them. Lucky break for Bobby!!!

I mentioned before that I've only ever run to train for a marathon. That was for endurance and pacing, never speed, so this is all new stuff for me. I like it! It a renewed sense of learning and it's so interesting. I'm getting pumped just thinking about running fast. There's a race this Saturday but it starts late. I have to work at 9am and I won't get back in time. Kinda bummed about that. My husband reminded me I can't run ALL the races. NO FAIR!

Well...I gotta go do the dishes. Some stuff I can't get out of. Dishes are just one of them.


Nitmos said...

I can't wait until my 10 year old becomes a 14 year old and we can keep him at home with my younger daughter while I go out for runs. He's not aware of that plan yet.

Sherry said...

You are too funny, Kim! The way that you word things... always makes me smile.

Hurray for your first tempo run! Looking at those times, I think you are going to naturally be a very fast cookie! It probably helps that you actually enjoy training in this heat (insane woman!). :o) I love speed training and would much prefer to speed train than to run long, sloooow paces.

You last comment on my blog --> SMILE!! I' not sure if I really have any abs down there yet... I think it was Scott's nifty photography skills! LOL!

Do you have any future 5k's in mind? Let me know when you decide to do your next one so that I can plan on it too. :o)

Black Knight said...

Are the dishes another kind of tempo run? However the music helps a lot. The i-pod is a very good "friend".