Monday, May 19, 2008


Last week was a crazy week, I didn't do any running after Tuesday's tempo. My list of stuff to do had me a little overwhelmed, but I'm baaaaack!!!

I went to my core class at the gym this morning. Sara instructed us, she's a sweetie. Sara works at the gym when she's off college so she's here for the summer. I was so looking forward to running with her but she has a stress fracture! She just got the boot off the other day, not sure when she'll be ready to run.

Mike is back from Italy. We run together (when we're not injured) The day he left my flexor healed, I swear! Then the day we were going to have a nice long run, he dumped his motorcycle and hurt his foot and leg. He had a couple runs since then but now his ankle hurts. He sees the doc this week too, but then he leaves Friday for Maine for 4 months. We'll be training for the Space Coast marathon in Nov. We'll have to keep tabs on each other!

My friend Ed is waiting to hear on the NY marathon lottery. If he doesn't get in, he's doing Space Coast too. My selfishness is in high gear. I want him to run Space Coast with me! Ed told me he'd help me pace it to finish in about 4 hours. Mike will be training for that time goal too so how COOL would that be????

It's a cloudy day here today. Perfect for a little run through the neighborhood. I have a bag of Doritos and 4 beers to run off from yesterday...

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