Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Space Coast Marathon

I have registered for the Space Coast Marathon for November 30, 2008. I am very, very excited! It feels good to be committed once again to another goal. I will admit though, it's kinda the same feeling I got when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter. Which was a mixture of excitement, happiness and that feeling of "OH MY GOD! WHAT WAS I THINKING???" Hahaha!!

I went into the Sarasota Marathon not fully understanding what I was about to do.

I'm going into the Space Coast Marathon knowing full well what I just signed up for...a lot of hard work. A lot of training. One more thing to be proud of. And I'll be doing a couple things differently. Namely my diet. Nutrition is going to be a prime focus this time around. I have never been very good about eating in general. I sometimes forget to eat and at other times I eat until I have to go lay down. Just yesterday morning (oooh, a James Taylor song!) I was headed out the door for a gym class and my husband was still home. He asked me why I was working out without eating first. It didn't even occur to me that I hadn't! But I was already running a little late so I just left anyway. I was planning on running at the gym after class, but my husband's question stuck in my mind, so I went home to eat first. He's right, I need to make nutrition a priority. HEARD!!

Another thing I'll be doing is speed training mixed in with my long runs. Last time I was just going for endurance. I had never run before so I had a lot to learn in a very short time. I see that now. I also see I still have a lot to learn. I didn't even know what a tempo run was until last week.

I haven't really been doing much upper body workouts either. I plan to get in much better shape for this next marathon. I want some Sherry abs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, maybe I'll be able to wear an outfit like Deana Kastor!!!! (yeah right...lol)

I have something to look forward to again. I love the excitement of the marathon. I love being a part of something that brings all kinds of people together. Men, women, young, old....every shape, size and color from all over the globe. It was so cool the morning of the Sarasota marathon to look out my motel window and see so many people walking over to the starting area. It reminded me of when I was too little to go to school yet and I'd watch all the kids walking by my house on their way to school. I wanted to go. I wanted to know where they were going and be a part of it too. That morning of the marathon, watching from the window, hearing my husband ask me if I was ready to go....I felt so happy that I could. I wanted to open the door and yell "WAIT FOR ME!" Instead, I walked hand in hand with Bobby, so thrilled to be there, so grateful to have a loving, supportive husband to see me off on that morning. I almost felt like that little girl again, so excited that I got to go.

And now I get to go again. Anybody want to come too?


Nitmos said...

Congratulations. How exciting. I'd like to do Space Coast sometime but I already have my fall marathon in lovely....Detroit (?). Happy training!

RazZDoodle said...

Makes me want to get off the fence and run 26.2. Good luck with the training!