Monday, May 19, 2008

4 miler....

I just ran a 4 mile run. It's about 86 degrees out, pretty humid but that never really bothers me. I started out fast figuring I'd just try to kill I went 2 miles straight out with a 30 second walk at the 1 mile mark. I actually remembered to wear AND hit my stopwatch! I didn't look at my timer until I got to the 2 mile mark because I wanted to run without any pressure to hold a pace like that. Sometimes I can get obsessive with the timing thing. Not so much the actual time, but playing with the numbers. I add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers so many times I wind up frustrated. That's the reason I hardly ever bring a watch on my runs. I decided I need to get past all that if I'm going to speed train though.

I hit the stopwatch at mile 2......17:52. Oooohhh....I like that number. So guess what I did? Yeah, I spent the next 2 miles trying to figure out the MM, then I multiplied THAT to figure a 5K estimate. Then I tried to figure how much slower I probably would get in a 5K, so I tacked a couple minutes onto THAT, just in case. THEN, as if I wasn't getting a headache from thinking so much, I tried to guess how long it was going to take me to finish my 4 miles. So you see why I don't like to time myself.

Anyway, I finished 4 miles at 38:42. Sub 9 mm. I like that. I think I'm ready to cash in my speed training tickets with my coach. I think I mentioned I won a bet with Jim a couple weeks ago. It was over a song. I was right and won 2 speed training sessions....yay!!! I'm R-E-A-D-Y!!!!!!


Nitmos said...

Nice speedwork! Wow, you do a lot of thinking during your runs. I usually just think, breathe, stride, breathe, look at the bird, stride, etc.

Kimmie said...

Nice job!! I am so jellous of your nice weather too. I was supposed to run today at lunch and it was barley 50 outside. I am hitting the indoor track tonight! I love reading all of your updates. Go speed racer.

Sherry said...

Seeeee... I told you that you were naturally speedy!!! :o)

I'm really glad that you had a great training run! Such an awesome feeling and you totally deserve it!!!

I, unfortunately, have taken to the treadmill for my longer runs (which means anything 4 miles +). My sensitive bod just can't tolerate running in this sticky stuff. :o(