Sunday, June 1, 2008

Update On Running Barefoot

Ok, I guess I did not invent this type of I have found so much info on running barefoot since my last post. I am so interested in this! Look at these funky shoes.....

I need to have these (even though they don't come in any girly colors). They're called Vibram 5 Finger running shoes. While they're not barefooting, they allow the feet to move more naturally while you run. I've talked about the dynamics of the foot movement inside a pair of running shoes with Jim (my coach) quite a few times. He's really into the scientific approach to running (almost to a comical The Injinjy socks kind of have the same idea, but if you ask me, once you put your sneakers on, it defeats the purpose of the socks. I'm still reading the info about these shoes and about running barefoot.

Another thing that's clicking in my head is that the speed spikes I have are very soft. Very flexable. I even thought they felt like slippers. Jim told me not to run long distances in them as there is no support, so I do have some questions about running barefoot.

I haven't found any info on the cons of running barefoot, I'm sure I'll find it though. I imagine burning the soles in this Florida heat, stepping on rocks/glass and even an occassional doggy dropping would be most unpleasant. Actually, I have stepped in doggy droppings barefoot as a child. It wasn't unpleasant. It felt kinda good in a freaky kinda way....LOL. But then the reality of what it was hit me and I threw up. True story. I was eight years old.

I'm going to go run around the block barefoot in a little while. I'll come back and give a recap about it later.

BTW, when I told Bobby I NEEDED these shoes, guess what he said. Yep, he said to wait a couple days for some auto withdrawls to come out first. He thinks it's a passing interest. I know for a fact he's about to get a new pair of bike shorts though. I do believe I hold the Ace this time....LOL

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