Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Wise Man Once Said...

"If you're too busy to run, you're too busy." Hmmmm, now where did I hear that? Oh yeah, my coach of a million

So I have been busy, yes. I took on another job for the summer, which I do enjoy, but I need to figure in my personal time somehow. I've been training in the office this week, so it's more hours than I'll wind up with so I sacrificed my "me" stuff for now. And laundry. And grocery shopping. And making the bed before 4pm. Boo hoo (not). I cut my evening job down to 2 nights starting next week. That will open up some time.

The bonus is, I work in the office where my kids are going to summer day camp, so I get to see them throughout the day. It's also next door to my gym and I have been able to still make my yoga and core exercise classes. Another plus. I'll be home at night with my family more too. My husband is thrilled with that one. But he's still gonna have to make dinner on those nights I used to be gone. (kiddin')

Jim's half marathon training program starts up in July. I am SO looking forward to that. My daughter Kerri is still planning on doing it too, but Kirstin has already opted out. I knew she would so the pang of disappointment was minimal. I'm lying. I'm so disappointed. I was excited to have something the 3 of us were going to do together. I understand though. She just bought a car and is working her butt off. She won't have time for training. Don't think for one minute I won't be using her guilt to get her to make time for mother/daughter moments!!! Hahaha!! She knows it too....

I BEGGED Jim to let me be a "co-captain" for this training program. He agreed! He's just like any guy who can't stand to see a woman cry, so he yelled "ok" as he ran away from me.....LOL. Hey, I don't care HOW I got to be a part of it, just as long as I am. I've talked to a few people who have said they always wanted to run a half but didn't think they could. When I tell them I ran a whole marathon after 4.5 months of training, having NEVER run before, they start to see that it CAN be done. I love seeing them brighten up when they realize it's not an unattainable goal. If you want it, it is yours. I'm hoping to bring this kind of support to the team. Jim was very good at making me feel confident throughout my training, I know how much it helped me when I was feeling crazy for taking on this big of a goal. If I can do that for anyone, I'll be happy. This will also give me the opportunity to find some running partners!! Yeah, it all boils down to ME in the

I joined another track team. They have 5K races on the beach every Tues night. Perfect! my husband has Tues off so we can all go. Only problem is, my yoga class is at the same time. I figure I'll take turns each week. Tues night yoga was just getting more challenging too! I was sore for 2 days after the last class. My obliques screamed every time I did any bending. I love that!

I will be ordering my Vibram Five Fingers today. I'm very, very excited. I'll definately be posting about that! I don't think I'll be running further than a 5K in them though. I'm concerned with the "no support" thing. I have never had an issue with my feet from running. I'm sure I'll feel a difference in my legs and ankles after a couple runs in those. The Vibram's will work some different muscles, I'm hoping they will strengthen my ankles too. We shall see!!!!!!!


Sherry said...

*heads off to Google 'Vibrum Five Fingers'*

Are these a specialized running shoes... like Newtons??

Sherry said...

Ahhh-ha! I see!!

They look neat!!!! Almost like ballet flats with fingers. *scartches head* I wonder if the Injinji company had a hand in coming up with these things! LOL!

Craig said...

I'm using vibrams as a travel shoe, but I see so many people using them for running!

I'm never going to do impact sports again (destroyed my knees), but I do take my vibrams for an occasional jog now and then.